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Attention in enterprise management authorization

anyone who has been a manager should know that authorization is very important in an enterprise. Appropriate authorization is also necessary. Be prepared before authorization. However, many managers do not have a systematic authorization plan, resulting in improper work assignment or picking the wrong person

when several people are in charge of a work, it is easy to have problems. This is often because the division of labor is too general, or several jobs in the same area are overlapping. By clearly dividing the scope of each person, or finding several relevant people together to determine their respective division of labor, this problem can be corrected

the biggest and most common problem is that managers do not delegate power to their subordinates. Subordinates must have enough power to complete their tasks. You should fully consider what the subordinate needs to do to complete the task, make sure that he has the necessary resources to do the work well, and regularly check whether the power you give him is too large or too small, and increase or decrease his authority accordingly

many managers casually push a job to their subordinates, thinking that they are clear about the content of the job, possible problems and job requirements. Doing so will not only result in an ideal transaction, but also be unfair to employees. Because he may need to know more about the situation in order to do this job well. Maybe he lacks the technology, ability or interest in this aspect. You should know whether they have enough relevant information

another common mistake is to limit a task so much that employees have little room for manoeuvre when making decisions. Sometimes managers talk too much about the methods they like, which deprives employees of the challenge and success of solving problems. We hope to promote the joy of solving the increasingly stringent logistics industry pollution situation that exceeds the maximum load as soon as possible. You should pay attention to what to do and don't care too much about how to do it

some managers put too much burden on their subordinates. If they can't cope with such a heavy burden, the manager will give up management

proper monitoring of subordinates is a skill that needs to be accumulated in practice. The degree of monitoring depends on the situation of the task, how many people undertake the task and the needs of the environment. Don't think that everything will go smoothly if the task is assigned, and don't check too often. If you can't grasp the degree of monitoring, you can discuss with your subordinates in order to reach a consensus

for subordinates, I'm afraid the most embarrassing thing is that the manager does it again, which may destroy the previous relationship and mutual trust between superiors and subordinates

many managers don't spend enough time checking the assigned work, while others avoid criticizing the employee's performance and hope that he can do a good job next time. There are also many managers who are unwilling to criticize people, so they often guess the problems of employees with good intentions, such as: "this work may have problems in the authorization process", "maybe I didn't explain clearly", "maybe this work is not realistic"

if you don't do a good job of analyzing your subordinates, it's unfair to your subordinates, and it's also to avoid yourself. In doing so, subordinates do not know that there is a problem, so they will make the same mistakes again and again. He may also take advantage of the opportunity. For example, if he never has to undertake to complete the task on time, he will think that it is no big deal to complete the work when the polyurethane adhesive industry is a sub industry of fine chemical industry without the closed-loop control of force, displacement and deformation of composite polymer

if you don't get the recognition and reward of the manager, no matter how high the work performance and team efforts, they will reduce or even disappear. Therefore, the manager should thank the team members to show that you have noticed their work achievements

if you make good use of the art of authorization, you can quickly get rich returns. You will see the power of the art of empowerment, and you, your subordinates, and the entire department will achieve results. The workload is easier to manage, and there are more opportunities for promotion. Everyone gains

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