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The problems that should be paid attention to in the development and debugging of single chip microcomputer

are the most orthodox use mode of single chip microcomputer

in line with the original intention of small, simple, reliable and cheap single chip microcomputer design

the products with closed bus are the most reliable

2. Programming with single chip microcomputer C language

*c language is a concise, efficient and high-level programming language closest to hardware

*c language of single chip microcomputer has matured into a professional high-level language in the early 1990s, There should be no concern

* the settlement and thinning of C language rock wool insulation materials when current manufacturers launch new single-chip microcomputer products will reduce the U value by 10% to 20%. Translator

3. Use medium and high-grade single-chip microcomputer simulation tools

* only medium and high-grade simulation tools can simulate bus closed single-chip microcomputer

* the emulator must use band outchip or hookschip

* it should support high-level language debugging, Provide full data type viewing and modification

* support the object code format compiled and compiled by many software companies

* the starting requirement of the mid-range simulator is to solve at least the first three difficulties mentioned above and partially solve the fourth one, and you can feel how popular the automotive plastics represented by polyamide is. High end simulators have higher requirements

* the man-machine interface of medium and high-end simulators has four levels: simple command line and batch file under DOS, window command line under DOS, Borland style DOS window menu, Microsoft style windows/win95 window menu

4, integrated development platform

* assembly/compilation connection/positioning debugging, loading into the target system one-stop

* full screen, local modification, what you see is what you get; Cross document whole block clipping and pasting technology; Color word recognition text, etc.

* use project technology: send all source files, header files and user library files of the project into the project manager at one time, and uniformly manage assembly/compilation and connection/positioning

* use make technology: automatic recognition assembler/compiler; Each debugging cycle only does incremental assembly/compilation and connection/positioning

* when some files are damaged, use build technology to jump out of the make cycle and re comprehensively perform assembly/compilation and connection/positioning

* errors and warnings are automatically located and clear, and then add B C two thallium error automatic correction

* extended operation type (release operation, animated operation, termination in case of cursor, termination before function output, termination after function output)

* extended single step type spring testing machine fault handling method (instruction single step, statement single step, function single step)

* extended breakpoint type (instruction breakpoint, statement breakpoint, cycle breakpoint, content breakpoint, condition breakpoint)

* simulator replaces simulator for virtual debugging without target machine

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