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Problems needing attention in green packaging design

1 Packaging designers should try to use green packaging materials and design long-life packaging materials, which can greatly reduce the environmental pollution caused by the waste of packaging materials

2. Packaging reduction. In some developed countries, many supermarkets encourage consumers to use nylon shopping bags that can be used for many times instead of disposable plastic bags. Materials used in packaging design should be minimized, unnecessary packaging should be eliminated as far as possible, and simple packaging should be advocated to save resources

3. Simplification of packaging materials. The materials used should be as simple as possible, and should not be mixed with heterogeneous materials, so as to facilitate recycling

4. The packaging design is detachable. Packages requiring composite structure should be designed into a detachable structure, which is conducive to recycling after disassembly

5. Pay attention to the reuse of packaging materials. Adopt recyclable, reusable and recycled packaging to improve the life cycle of packaging materials, so as to reduce packaging waste

6. Harmlessness of packaging materials. The European packaging and Packaging Waste Directive stipulates that heavy metals can also burn at the level of content (lead, mercury, chromium, etc.), for example, which can significantly prolong the service life of batteries. The content of lead is less than 100ppm. China should also prohibit or reduce the use of some packaging materials containing harmful ingredients such as lead, mercury and tin in the form of legislation, and stipulate the allowable content of heavy metals

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