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Problems that should be paid attention to in the application of green packaging (II)

1, 4 packaging life cycle analysis method and classification definition of green packaging

internationally recognized green packaging should have the connotation of 3R and ID, that is, the reason for this kind of phenomenon caused by quantification and reuse Recycling, regeneration and corruption "Life cycle analysis theory emphasizes that packaged products should not pollute human body and the environment in the whole life cycle, that is, we should not only look at the environmental pollution caused by their wastes, but also pay attention to the environmental pollution caused by the production process. Obviously, the meaning of the latter is more accurate, but it is also more difficult to solve the environmental pollution caused by the production process. Therefore, it needs a long process to fully meet the requirements of green packaging. Current packaging The main contradiction of greening is to solve the problem that packaging waste can be recycled or reused. Based on the above ideas, the author puts forward the following exact definitions and classification definitions for green packaging

define exactly the appropriate packaging that can be reused, recycled, regenerated or corrupted, and will not cause public hazards to human body and the environment in the whole life cycle of the product, which is called green packaging

class a green packaging refers to the appropriate packaging of waste that can be reused, recycled or degraded, and contains toxic substances within the specified range

aa grade green packaging refers to the appropriate packaging that wastes can be reused, recycled, regenerated or degraded, and will not cause public hazards to human body and the environment in the whole life cycle of products, and contains toxic substances within the specified range

2 green standard

green standard refers to the international environmental series standard ISO14000, which is the new international standard of "green products", It is also an international new standard to guide "green packaging". Driven by the global tide of environmental protection, the international organization for Standardization ISO established the "Environmental Management Technical Committee" TC207 in 1993 and began to formulate it. It has been issued and implemented since January 1996. This is another global action after the ISO9000 quality certification

2. 1 Composition and purpose of green standards

ISO 14000 international environmental series standards for the operation of experimental machines at a constant speed have a total of 100 standards, which are divided into 6 subsystems, as shown in Figure 1

the goal of ISO14000 is to standardize the environmental behavior of enterprises, manufacturers and social groups, reduce environmental pollution caused by various production activities, save resources (energy) to the greatest extent, improve environmental quality, and maintain the coordination between environment and economic development, Promote sustainable economic development

2。 2. Contents of implementing environmental standards by packaging enterprises

2, 2, 1 establishing an "environmental management system"

the core elements of environmental management system EMS include environmental policy, environmental planning, implementation and operation Inspection, correction and management review "The management system will lead the enterprise to continuously improve the environmental situation.

the environmental policy formulated by the packaging enterprise should be compatible with the impact of its own attributes, products, scale and production activities on the environment, and should have the commitment to improve and prevent pollution and comply with relevant laws and regulations. The environmental policy is the basis for the enterprise to formulate environmental objectives and countermeasures.) environmental planning is based on its own environmental factors (waste and pollution) Formulate environmental objectives and Countermeasures to meet the requirements of laws and regulations and be consistent with environmental policies. In order to achieve the objectives and countermeasures, enterprises should formulate environmental management plans and revise them in time, Put forward design "material" manufacturing and processing for packaging products "The requirements of use and final treatment. The implementation and operation of EMS requires the enterprise to organize all employees to assume obligations, provide training for employees engaged in environmental work, formulate relevant management procedures, daily operation and emergency response documents. The inspection and correction of EMS is the enterprise's development of inspection procedures and corrective measures related to environmental management, which should have complete environmental records, and regularly carry out the review of EMS. The spring changes the EMS of the experimental machine The management review is carried out regularly by the senior management of the enterprise to ensure the continuous adaptability of EMS. For adequacy and effectiveness, the enterprise shall modify EMS elements in a timely manner according to the review results and changes in the situation (to be continued)

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