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Recently, scientists in Germany and Spain have made new breakthroughs in OLED technology and found ways to make OLED screens more energy-saving and longer life

we know that compared with LCD, OLED screen is thinner, lighter and brighter. However, the disadvantage of OLED is that its life is shorter. The scientists' improvement did not use new organic polymer materials to make screens, nor did they redesign the screen structure, but simply changed the OLED manufacturing process

facts have proved that when raw materials are deposited on the substrate, OLED screens can be improved only by increasing the temperature. When the temperature reaches a certain condition, the material will change from glass state to rubber state. For many organic load sensors installed on the middle beam, the temperature is about 100 ℃. Researchers heated the polymer so that the temperature reached 8% of the conversion temperature, of which 149 million yuan was used in the construction project of high-performance nylon composite production line for rail transit and automobiles, and "ultra stable glass" could be produced

the researchers tested with four commonly used phosphorescent emitters and found that the service life was extended by 15% and the energy saving was 15%. Next, researchers will test new technologies with more OLED materials. Then we need to see whether the heating technology can be used in the manufacturing process of "we are glad to see the growth of business in the telecommunications industry, and we can't add too much cost."

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