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New technology of armature painting of micro DC motor

1 introduction the armature winding painting of micro DC motor is an important part of the motor manufacturing process, which plays an important role in the performance and service life of the motor. At present, the traditional painting process of armature winding is manual oven preheating, immersion, paint dripping and baking. This process not only has high labor intensity, poor production conditions, low efficiency and high power consumption, but also the key is that the groove under the commutator is often stained with paint, which affects the commutation effect, reduces the electromagnetic performance of the motor, fails to meet the factory requirements, and reduces the product qualification rate. During the production process, the heated insulating paint tank is opened, and benzene gas volatilizes in the workshop, causing great harm to the health of operators. This production process must be thoroughly reformed in order to improve production conditions and production efficiency. 2 5. The hanging pendulum adopts the armature winding painting process of the buffer device [in addition, the elastic modulus E and proportional limit of the material can be measured σ p. Elastic limit σ E et al. 1 〕 the author participated in the development of a painting process and equipment for armature windings of micro DC motors. The main process flow is shown in Figure 1.  ! [endif] in addition to loading and unloading, all processes of the armature automatic paint rolling process of the micro DC motor are automatically completed in the closed channel through the chain drive mechanism. The connection between processes is compact, the time is short, the production cycle is faster than manual operation, and the area of equipment and workplace is reduced. The toxic gas produced in the work is extracted from the air duct and discharged after reaching the standard. After the armature is installed on the transmission chain by workers, it is first heated and baked by an electric heating tube in the channel. The temperature before and after the channel is different, and automatic detection and control are implemented. After baking, the armature enters the insulating paint tank, and the liquid level height of the paint in the tank is adjusted according to the negative value of the experimental force of the armature diameter. There is a paint repair device above the paint tank, and when the liquid level of the paint decreases, the paint can be repaired circularly. The armature rotates by itself in the paint tank and implements the paint rolling process. After rolling for a week, it leaves the paint tank, and the excess paint drops by itself. After falling into the storage tank, it is re inserted into the paint tank for reuse. The automatic lifting and lowering of the paint tank is controlled by the hydraulic transmission device. The schematic inspection should be careful. See Figure 2 for the schematic diagram! [endif] after the paint drips on the armature, it condenses and solidifies in the channel. After the transmission chain takes the armature out, the paint rolling process has been completed. After the operator removes the armature, if there is a paint lump at the outer round shaft head of the iron core, it can be scraped off with a knife while it is hot, and the whole armature painting process is completed. The whole process only takes about 2min, which is 3 ~ 4 times more efficient than manual painting. Features of armature paint rolling process [2] - the armature paint rolling process of micro DC motor is automatically controlled by microcomputer. The various processes of paint rolling treatment are carried out at a fixed time, at a fixed temperature, at a fixed paint groove height, and operated according to the parameters specified in the process, which eliminates artificial subjectivity and ensures product quality. 

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