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Xintai Aike Cable Co., Ltd. chose to continue to cooperate with siveco

based on the good cooperation foundation of both parties, Xintai Aike Cable Co., Ltd., a well-known cable manufacturer, decided to expand the use of coswin maintenance management system (CMMS) to the inventory management of the factory

by relating the types and actual use of spare parts involved in equipment and work orders, coswin system can help enterprises predict the specific needs of their means of production and ensure the safety stock of key spare parts. At the same time, coswin system also realizes the seamless integration with the sap financial system of the factory, so as to improve the work efficiency of the purchasing department through accurate real-time data sharing

Mr. puleno, general manager of siveco, said: we are proud of the achievements made by the joint project team composed of Syntec and siveco in the past few months. Here, we would like to thank Xintai Aike for its trust in us, and also look forward to their cooperation with the accuracy of the whole machine, which can not be accurately determined only by verification

learn about the application case of Xintai Aike's coswin system in the last maintenance in China's electronic communications:

about Xintai Aike Cable Co., Ltd.

as a well-known cable, wire and synthetic pipe manufacturing enterprise in Europe, Ike () is an innovative high-tech joint-stock limited company (its employees hold the vast majority of the company's shares)

AGC cable was founded in France in 1932. After more than half a century of development, the company has more than 1400 employees worldwide and has eight production lines in Europe, South America and China (the two factories are located in Xintai City, Shandong Province and Wuhan City, Hubei Province, respectively)

as a wholly-owned subsidiary of AGC in China, Xintai AGC was established in Xintai City, Shandong Province in 2000. With a production and operation area of more than 10000 square meters, it is one of the major RF cable suppliers of mobile communication and telecommunications equipment in the Asia Pacific region. Its semi continuous production process requires the strong cooperation of the maintenance team

about siveco China

7 At ordinary times, we should strengthen deratization. Based on our long-term experience in maintenance work with Chinese characteristics, siveco, as the largest maintenance and management consulting company in China, has developed a set of unique maintenance and management solutions to meet the maintenance needs of industrial enterprises. As we all know, the traditional industrial market has always been dominated by it suppliers, and siveco, founded and operated by maintainers, has always been committed to providing customers with rapid and sustainable maintenance and improvement results

siveco's services include: maintenance audit, benchmarking management, CMMS system implementation, accelerating industrial green transformation and maintenance improvement projects. At the same time, siveco can also provide customers with an intuitive mobile maintenance and management solution based on Web and portable devices (tablet or smart), and can realize data synchronization with any background maintenance and management system (coswin, Maximo, SAP PM, datastream, etc.)

siveco has more than 60 customers and more than 250 project sites in China, including: abb, arnovigens, Arkema, Beijing Oriental Plaza, Brose automotive, Great Wall property group, Chenming paper, CNEEC, Danfoss, 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo, French natural gas Suez group, IKEA, Wanguo paper, kenos, Saint Gobain group, Sichuan Lutianhua, sogf, Guodian ZF, etc

siveco China belongs to the French siveco group, the largest CMMS supplier in Europe. The number of global users who remove the glass of the dial is not coincident with the main needle, and has now exceeded 82000

siveco China Station:

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