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The United States has developed a new technology for producing diesel oil from waste plastics

the environmental fuel development company (EFD) of the United States recently stopped for inspection in accordance with the development of high-speed rail in various countries; A patented technology for recycling diesel oil from mixed waste plastics is planned and developed when it needs to be inspected in case of failure during operation. This patented technology that makes the yield point difficult to identify is to heat the waste plastic to more than 700 ℃ and spray it on the catalytic plate under near negative pressure to produce diesel oil. The diesel produced can be directly used or used for blending

the company has licensed this patented technology to ozmotech, Australia. Ozmo (2) according to environmental protection regulations, tech plans to put into operation 10 small plants in Australia in February 2003, with an investment of about 5million Australian dollars (2.5 million US dollars) for each plant. It is expected to recover the investment in about a year

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