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Machinery industry: the rise of manufacturing industry adheres to value and focuses on emerging growth

the manufacturing industry upgraded in 2018, and the boom trend of the machinery industry is upward. In 2017, the machinery industry as a whole was weaker than the market, but the structural investment opportunities were obvious. PVC SG (7) or PVC SG (8) were more suitable for making matrix resins of pvc/wood plastic composites. Strategic emerging industries dominated by semiconductor equipment and lithium battery equipment performed strongly; Driven by the cyclical recovery and emerging rise of the industry, the boom inflection point appeared. The manufacturing PMI index was above the boom and bust line for 15 consecutive months, and the production, new orders and new export orders index remained strong. Since the turning point of Q3 2016, the operating revenue and profit of the machinery industry increased by 36% and 45% in the third quarter of 2017. Looking forward to 2018, the domestic economy will be in a new normal. Traditional industries will start a cycle dominated by the replacement of existing equipment, and high-speed rail transit will usher in a delivery peak in the next three years; The national strategy accelerates the transfer of emerging industries to China, the demographic dividend is drifting away, the machine replaces the labor, and the vertical and horizontal expansion. The national policy accelerates the "manufacturing power", and promotes China's industry to move towards the middle and high end of the global value chain; At the same time, the pressure of rising raw material prices will be eased. The recovery of the global economy drives the increase of Global trade and the positive promotion of internationalization; We judge that the industry boom has improved significantly in 2018

the transfer of emerging industries to China is accelerated, intelligent robots replace manual acceleration, and the big industrial market breeds great opportunities. In recent years, China has stepped from the "demographic dividend period" to the "engineer dividend period". The country has developed advanced manufacturing industry, and the time has come for the rise of strategic emerging industries represented by semiconductor equipment, lithium battery equipment, 3C equipment and automation. Specifically, in recent years, China has supported the development of the semiconductor industry from the perspective of industrial safety, accelerated the transfer of the industry to China according to information, and promoted the domestic substitution of equipment and processes to take effect. The multi-point breakthrough of etcher, pvd/cvd, tester and other equipment has the conditions for batch substitution; As a medium and long-term national strategic emerging industry, the demand for lithium battery equipment will be intensively released, and high-quality enterprises will enjoy the dividends of industry development; Consumer electronics leaders have accelerated technological changes and technological iterations, and domestic equipment has accelerated upgrading and import substitution; With the acceleration of population aging, machines are gradually replacing people from cars and 3C to carry out uniaxial compressive strength tests, Brazilian splitting tests, shear tests, food, textile clothing, it has high stiffness, high-strength customized furniture and other fields, and the era of industrial automation has arrived. The competition pattern of traditional industries is stable, the leading players are always strong, and the localization of high-end core components makes great efforts to make the manufacturing industry from large to strong. High speed railway equipment will enter the peak of centralized vehicle delivery in the next three years, and the industry is expected to grow by 20% - 30%; Traditional industries such as construction machinery and containers have recovered periodically, the growth rate of domestic demand has entered a new steady state, and the equipment investment cycle dominated by stock replacement has begun. After five years of in-depth adjustment, the competitive pattern of the traditional machinery industry is increasingly forming and the survival of the fittest. Leading manufacturers continue to be strong by virtue of their scale, technology, brand, channel, after-sales service and other advantages, and actively accelerate the internationalization strategy; On the other hand, China's manufacturing industry is "from big to strong", and the key core components break foreign monopoly and accelerate localization and import substitution

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