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Research on machinery industry: the rapid promotion of prefabricated buildings benefits tower cranes and prefabricated equipment

the rapid promotion of prefabricated buildings benefits tower cranes and prefabricated equipment. The prefabricated building is different from the traditional on-site concrete pouring construction method. Using the form of hoisting prefabricated parts, it has obvious advantages in energy conservation, environmental protection and reducing labor demand. With the growth of scale, the cost also gradually decreases

according to the policy plan, the proportion of prefabricated buildings in new buildings will reach more than 15% this year. Recently, the central ministries and commissions have chosen a 50kN electro-hydraulic servo fatigue testing machine to conduct compression tests, and intensively issued the prefabricated construction policy. On July 24, seven departments issued the action plan for the creation of green buildings, requiring the vigorous development of prefabricated buildings such as steel structures, and proposed that by 2022, the proportion of prefabricated construction methods will increase steadily. On July 28, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and other 13 national ministries and commissions issued the "guiding opinions on promoting the coordinated development of intelligent construction and building industrialization", and then summarized the vigorous development of prefabricated buildings

many local governments actively responded to and implemented the central policies. Henan Province stipulates that the maximum amount of provident fund loans to purchase prefabricated commodity housing can be increased by 20%; Dongguan plans to achieve a proportion of 20% of the area of prefabricated buildings passing through temperature control equipment in new buildings by 2020, with an accuracy of more than ± 1% of the experimental force, and more than 35% by 2025; Beijing requires prefabricated buildings to account for 5. 5% of new buildings this year The products of our company implement the "Three Guarantees of quality" and the construction area is more than 30%

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