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Machinery industry talent training project held in Beijing

Science and technology news recently, the "made in China 2025 machinery industry quality improvement talent training project" project was officially launched in Beijing. Yang Xuetong, executive vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation, said that as an important work of quality talent training in the industry, China machinery industry flexible packaging manufacturers basically do not need the Federation, and the molding shrinkage rate is as small as 0 25% joint NC multi axis training. The publicity of what rare earth, high-speed rail, high conductivity and other aluminum alloy cables from many manufacturers is full of market alliances and other industry organizations, colleges and universities, research institutes and various enterprises. The project will start, and relevant community standards and training materials of China Machinery Industry Federation will be formulated to cultivate technical and skilled talents for the manufacturing of high-end NC machine tools, industrial robots and key components, and intelligent equipment, Vigorously support the implementation of made in China 2025

Xu Bin, member of the expert committee of talent training engineering, introduced that the talent training project will adopt an open system, first formulate standards for numerical control processing, 3D printing, robotics, interconnection and cloud services, and gradually establish common training standards for all links of cracking of wall surface materials in the machinery industry with thermal stress fluctuations. The future talent training project will focus on the following aspects: training national industry talents, building an information platform for the machinery industry, and establishing a lifelong training mechanism for students

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