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Mechanical maintenance will also cause injury how to prevent

during the maintenance of construction machinery, due to improper operation or unpredictable factors, it will often cause injury to maintenance personnel, so relevant and correct preventive measures must be taken. There are four types of maintenance injuries

mechanical maintenance will also cause injury. How to prevent it

1 Mechanical injury

in the process of disassembly, cleaning and repair of construction machinery parts, the corners and sharp edges of parts are easy to cause personal scratches and stabbing; Some parts and tools that are placed unsteadily are easy to fall and cause personal injury; Some maintenance equipment stored in the open air, such as simple cranes, are prone to fracture due to the corrosion of steel wire ropes. In order to avoid these mechanical injuries threatening the health and safety of maintenance personnel, the following preventive measures can be taken:

(1) enhance the safety awareness of maintenance personnel

(2) during the actual operation, the maintenance personnel should do a good job in safety protection against the maintenance object and the possibility of injury

(3) regularly check and update the equipment and tools used for maintenance to eliminate potential safety hazards

2. Vibration and noise damage

vibration and noise pollution are mainly caused by maintenance equipment and tools. When the maintenance personnel operate pneumatic, electric or impact tools, the strong vibration is transmitted to the operator's arm, which will make people uncomfortable for a long time, and even cause diseases such as joints or blood vessels. The measures to avoid vibration and noise damage are as follows:

(1) timely maintain and lubricate the equipment to make the equipment operate well, and install silencers on noisy equipment such as blowers, and conduct sound insulation treatment

(2) improve the process and operation mode, such as using hydraulic pressure instead of forging, and using electric and gas welding instead of riveting; Adopt vibration reduction and isolation technology to improve the dynamic balance performance of rotating parts and reduce vibration and noise

3. Chemical damage

the chemical substances used in the maintenance process are mainly oil, including kerosene, gasoline, washing oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, grease, binder and cleaning agent. Kerosene has low volatility and high lead content. When exposed, it will cause skin whitening at the contact part and cause great brain stimulation; Gasoline and washing oil are high volatile oils. When cleaning parts with them, the oil gas generated will strongly stimulate the respiratory tract, cause damage to the olfactory function, and have poor cohesiveness. Due to its degreasing effect on the skin, it will lead to hand dryness and cracking; Hydraulic oil and lubricating oil have common technical difficulties in solving the pollution sources in the preparation process of aluminum alloy materials. They have strong permeability and are easy to penetrate into the body through the skin to damage the nervous system; Benzene and formaldehyde in the adhesive will cause functional damage to human systems such as nerves, causing headache, fatigue, dizziness and other symptoms; In addition, welding fumes, metal gases, hydrogen fluoride, nitrogen and hydrogen produced in the welding process have load displacement, load time, displacement time, stress-strain compounds, ozone and carbon monoxide, which will also endanger the health of maintenance personnel. In order to avoid chemical damage, the following preventive measures can be taken:

(1) priority should be given to oils with small pollution and low damage. Maintenance personnel should understand the characteristics, hazard mechanism and pathogenic mode of various oils in detail, and take corresponding preventive measures

(2) corresponding protective equipment and supplies shall be prepared as required. Maintenance personnel should wear rubber gloves and goggles when contacting hydraulic oil and lubricating oil with strong permeability; When using kerosene, gasoline and other highly volatile oils, attention should be paid to fire prevention and fire-fighting equipment should be equipped

(3) try to choose non polluting or less polluting maintenance and processing technology. For example, dry grinding and dry milling can be used in machining to reduce the use of oil and emulsion

(4) classify the generated waste, and take separation and purification measures for waste water, waste oil and waste residue

4. Electromagnetic radiation damage

in the new technology of surface repair of construction machinery, plasma spraying, ultrasonic welding, high-frequency induction heating and so on, there are electromagnetic radiation pollution problems. Under the effect of electromagnetic radiation for a long time, people will have symptoms of fatigue and memory loss, as well as headache, inattention, palpitation, chest tightness, excitement and hair loss. To this end, the following preventive measures should be taken:

(1) isolation belts should be set up where electrical equipment is concentrated, so as to control electromagnetic radiation hazards in a large range

(2) scattering a material with strong absorption of radiation energy on the periphery of the electromagnetic radiation source can minimize the radiation near the field source

(3) wear protective equipment when working in places with high radiation intensity. Until the hardness value obtained for two consecutive times is the same

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