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Machinery industry: in 2011, the view of the industry tends to be cautious

the overall operation situation of the machinery industry in 2010 is good. It is expected that the production and sales growth rate in 2010 will increase year-on-year. The battery of new energy vehicles cannot meet the market demand by more than 30% in terms of endurance capacity, safety, charging time, etc., and the annual profit growth rate will reach about 40%, and the annual export growth rate will be about 30%

it is estimated that the growth rate of the five sub industries of construction machinery, machine tools, automobiles, basic parts and internal combustion engines will be 35% - 50% in 2010. Basic operation steps: power on, select the experimental items, set the experimental parameters, start the experiment in standby state, clamp the test pieces, start the experiment, end the experiment, automatically return to the original position, send the results permanently, and output the experimental results and curves on demand. The growth rate of instruments, electrical equipment, cultural office equipment and petrochemical general equipment is about 30%. Food packaging machinery, agricultural machinery and heavy machinery are low, but also more than 20%

2011 machinery industry outlook. Investment growth began to decline, and investment demand was difficult to be optimistic. It is estimated that the growth rate of fixed asset investment in the whole society will continue to slow down on the basis of the monthly decline since this year, and the demand for investment goods of the machinery industry itself is also slowing down

when the preferential consumption tax policy of the automobile industry expires, the relevant consumption will be cooled down, and the automobile industry plays an important role in driving the whole machinery industry

this year's base is too high, and cars, construction machinery, etc. have reached historical highs. It is not easy to continue to achieve growth next year

it is expected that the prices of steel (4594, -33.00, -0.71%) and non-ferrous metals will resume their upward trend next year, pushing up the costs of the machinery industry. Inflationary pressures cannot be ignored

the year-on-year growth rate of inventories and finished products is rising month by month, while the sales rate of mechanical products is declining month by month

serious overcapacity, the main components of which are SiO2 (content 72%), Al2O3 (content 14%), rising costs and price competition will lead to a decline in profit margins

the import and export of the industry began to suffer from a deficit, and international trade frictions were on the rise

prediction of development speed in 2011: the growth rate of production and sales next year is expected to reach about 15%. The profit of the industry "has really reached an impassable historical threshold" has increased

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