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Machinery manufacturing: agricultural machinery has a periodic decline, rise and fall, and there are different

Machinery Manufacturing: agricultural machinery has a periodic decline, rise and fall, and there are different

China Construction machinery information

2014 International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition was held recently, and the conference materials were reorganized for the reference of investors only

key points of investment:

1 This year, the agricultural machinery market has experienced a downturn that has not occurred for many years, but the decline in growth rate is a phased adjustment, and the main conditions supporting the rapid growth of the industry are still there. Industry investment is still very hot, in recent years 3 Only when the space design allows and it is fair and does not interfere can we realize that the new production capacity brought by industrial investment will continue to be released. Compared with countries with strong competitiveness in agricultural production, the level of Agricultural Mechanization in China is not high. The export volume accounts for only 14% of the output value of agricultural machinery and tools, and there is still great development potential

2. Agricultural machinery purchase subsidies: in the future, agricultural machinery subsidies will be greatly adjusted in terms of subsidy forms and operation methods, but the total amount of subsidies will not change much. It is expected that the amount of subsidies next year will reach 24-24.5 billion yuan, with an increase of 1% - 3% Large tractors (more than 80 horsepower): it is estimated that the demand may reach about 100000 units in 2014, with a landslide of about 10%. In 2015, it may have a restorative growth and increase year by year

4. Medium sized Tractors: the sales volume is expected to reach about 23 in 2014, with a year-on-year decrease of 10% - 15%; There may be a slight rebound in 2015, mainly from more than 1.88 million small tractors. Its main features are: ① adopt the gradient update of single 5V power supply puller

5. Corn harvesters: it is expected that there will be a large increase in 2014, and it is expected to reach 80000 units throughout the year, with an increase of about 24%. In 2015, the corn harvester market will show two prominent characteristics: first, it will operate at a high level, and the demand for about 80000 sets is expected to continue throughout the year; Second, the growth rate will continue to decline, which is expected to be the same as this year

6. Rice transplanter: it is estimated that 80000 sets will be sold in 2014, with a year-on-year decline of about 25%, which has become a rare major decline in recent years. In 2015, after some unfavorable factors of this year, the rice transplanter market may rebound strongly. It is estimated that the sales volume is expected to reach 90000 units, with an increase of about 15%

7. In 2015, we are optimistic about the sub varieties: dryer, subsoiler and silage machine. Over current and over temperature inspection

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