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Capture the figures of famous scientists of science and India on drupa on May 31st, 2008 local time in Dusseldorf, Germany, the weather was fine. Today is the third day of drupa. The comrades of the science and India media report group worked hard. They recorded the gorgeous booth, wonderful conference PCI presentation, innovative technology and different scenery of drupa with paper and pen in their hands, and sent them back to the main page and back to the front, Sharing every surprise here, what about me? But I want to take pictures of such a group of people with my camera. They walk between China and the world, shoulder important construction and development tasks of the industry, and contribute their wisdom and strength all the time. On may29,2008, Mr. lingtianjun, chief engineer of SAIC's forward looking technology research department, delivered a speech at their new automotive materials conference. They gathered together for the same reason and appeared in Dusseldorf, the same corner of the earth. So I took their wonderful moments with my camera and shared their wonderful moments with all the practitioners in China's printing and packaging industry

Mr. hayduk (hayduk's Anthology), vice president of sales of the single sheet Department of gaobao group, welcomed the audience from China in Chinese

the person in charge of China of Komori introduced his first printing to the audience, A new printing machine to achieve a variety of printing effects

Shinji Komori, President of Komori, and fengguangyuan, director of Leo paper printing group in Hong Kong (collected works of fengguangyuan), one of the most important customers in China, together

Wang Bing, President of Kodak Greater China, showed the comparison between the products printed by its high-speed inkjet printing machine and the traditional offset printing sheets

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