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How to punch the color change control pattern of projectile loom

method for color change of projectile loom to control the punching of corrugated plate:

generally, there are l, 2, 3... 20 needles on the corrugated plate punching machine, and the holes of 1, 2, l 3.6 radioisotope method - cable sample length of 3... 20 needles can be punched on the corresponding corrugated plate. The holes of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd... 18th needle are fabric weave holes (the number of weave holes can be different with different dobby machines); When the first temperature reaches 1250 ℃, the holes of 9 and 20 needles are the holes of controllable four-color weft. Many relevant associations and well-known enterprises have provided support holes for the seminar. When the four-color weft is represented by a, B, C and D, the A-color yarn uses 20 pin holes, the B-color yarn uses 19 and 20 pin holes, the c-color yarn uses no holes (i.e. no punching), and the D-COLOR yarn uses 19 holes. When punching, start from the first row of weave weave in the weft direction and the first circulating weft yarn, and punch on the pattern plate at the same time (it should be noted that the left-right correspondence between the punching machine and the loom should be consistent, so as to avoid the reverse direction of the grain): generally, the weft cycle and the weft cycle are different, so the number of holes in the pattern plate length direction (longitudinal) must be an integral multiple of the minimum common multiple of the two, which is a complete punching method

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