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Recently, the general office of the Ministry of industry and information technology released the notice on the collection of 2018 IOT integrated innovation and integration application projects, which mentioned that the projects to be collected involved three categories: key technology breakthroughs, key field applications and service guarantee system. This project solicitation is of great significance to deepen the integration and development of IOT and economy and society, and promote the process of industrial integration innovation and large-scale development

the development of IOT is accelerating the arrival of the era of Internet of things, which has a profound impact on the reform and innovation of the whole economy and society. Vigorously developing IOT is an important starting point to promote China's comprehensive transition from the era of consumer interconnection to the era of industrial interconnection, an important measure to expand the new space of the network economy, and an inevitable choice to seize the commanding height of the future global development strategy. The era of IOT + is accelerating. Only by complementing the short board of IOT development and planning the development of IOT industry can we better release the dividends of IOT development

the current problems in the development of IOT in China

first, the key core technologies of the IOT industrial chain are controlled by others. RFID, sensor chips and other IOT basic sensing technologies are controlled by others, and the phenomenon of neck sticking is very serious. The research on core basic theories and key technologies is not in-depth, the industry, University and Research Institute are seriously separated, and the technology and products seriously lag behind the development pace of foreign countries, resulting in a serious generation gap. Lack of universal IOT operating system. Due to the lack of a unified IOT program running platform and development platform, the large-scale development of IOT applications is seriously restricted. The IOT operating system and sensor power-saving technology need to be improved, and the low-power operating system and sensor technology need to be further strengthened. Due to the lack of mature and universal IOT node group technology, the stability of group protocol and network transmission rate need to be further improved

second, the traditional security protection technology is difficult to keep up with the pace of IOT technology and product development. The security problem of IOT is on the eve of a large-scale outbreak. With the large-scale application of IOT, especially the emergence of general transmission protocol and general operating system, it provides favorable conditions for the wide spread of IOT virus. At present, there are many manufacturers engaged in Internet Security in the market, but few companies engaged in IOT security. Due to the great difference between the security in the traditional Internet environment and the security in the traditional Internet environment, most IOT companies are only good at doing IOT applications, but they have almost no involvement in IOT security, whether it is IOT data centralized acquisition security, IOT access security management, group security management, network intrusion monitoring, network security situational awareness, and IOT application virus monitoring, It should be analyzed that the verticality between the main shaft and the test bench platform, and the coaxiality between the main shaft axis and the lifting screw axis should be adjusted according to the situation. At present, few companies do reserve research on products and technologies in this regard

third, there is a lack of IOT access product safety evaluation, risk assessment and grade certification system. IOT products are widely used in various important fields, such as national defense, military, industrial control, intelligent transportation, smart urban management, smart home and smart medicine. The security of IOT products in these fields is related to national security, social stability and personal privacy. However, at present, the IOT application products in most fields are directly applied by manufacturers after production, without any authoritative third-party organization's safety evaluation, risk assessment or grade certification. There are great hidden dangers in the stability, safety and reliability of the products

countermeasures and measures to promote the development of IOT and economic and social integration

the first is to create an independent and controllable IOT industrial chain. Integrate advantageous industrial resources, strengthen the joint research of industry, University and research, and create an independent and controllable IOT industrial chain covering IOT chips, operating systems, network protocols, applications, etc. Focus on accelerating the research and development of the core technology of IOT sensing chip, strengthen the research of digital to analog conversion technology, improve the chip acquisition accuracy and use stability, and develop high cost-effective IOT chips that can meet the actual application needs of the market. Accelerate the research and development of universal, power-saving and micro IOT operating systems with independent intellectual property rights, enrich the operating system network and application interfaces, and improve the stability of the operating system. Accelerate the research and development of IOT and communication transmission protocols with independent intellectual property rights, strengthen protocol security, and improve the robustness and communication transmission efficiency of IOT. Innovate IOT applications based on the general operating system, enrich the types of IOT applications, and innovate IOT application scenarios

the second is to deepen the development of IOT and the deep integration of economy and society. Strengthen the application of IOT in intelligent transportation, intelligent management, intelligent water conservancy, intelligent port and other fields, promote the intelligent transformation of infrastructure, and improve the control and utilization of infrastructure. Strengthen the application of IOT in industrial, agricultural and other industrial development fields, improve the level of digitalization, networking and intelligence of management and control, and promote water, electricity and energy conservation. We will strengthen the application of IOT in the field of residents' lives, vigorously develop smart life service products such as smart cars, smart homes and smart wearable devices, and improve the quality of life services

third, strengthen the security evaluation and level certification of IOT access products. Establish a security evaluation and level certification system for IOT access products in key areas, strengthen the security inspection of general protocols, general hardware and general software used by IOT products, ensure the security and controllability of connection, group, configuration, equipment selection and upgrade, data and emergency management, and ensure the stability, security and confidentiality of important IOT products in the IOT application environment. Strengthen the safety evaluation and grade certification of IOT application products in important industrial control systems such as energy, electric power, water conservancy, rail, petrochemical and metallurgy, and focus on ensuring the performance and functional stability of IOT products in special environments for long-term application. Strengthen the safety evaluation and grade certification of important IOT application products in the fields of finance, telecommunications, security, medical health and so on, and focus on ensuring that data is not illegally collected. Strengthen the security evaluation and grade certification of important IOT application products in the military field, improve the security and stability of military IOT products, and ensure the security of military IOT products

planning the strategic deployment of the national IOT, accelerating the research and development of key technologies of the IOT, promoting the popularization and application of the IOT in various fields of economy and society, and strengthening the security of the IOT are not only conducive to promoting the construction of Digital China, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, cultivating new economic momentum, improving national governance capacity, but also conducive to building a national competition for future development. Its composition includes: grating ruler New advantages of measuring range and stepping motor

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