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Check the computers of teachers and students. Is there any ultra vires in the red headed documents


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for these illegal and prohibited audio and video, who should clean up and how to clean up, we must have a little legal awareness, abide by the laws and procedures, and can't trust the reins of the horse. We can do whatever we want

according to surging reports, recently, Guilin University of Electronic Science and Technology issued a notice document, which involved a comprehensive inventory of teachers and students, computers, mobile hard disks and other contents, causing heated discussion

you might as well take a closer look at the red headed documents that have provoked criticism. The first article of this notice, entitled "notice on cleaning up banned and illegal audio and video work involving violence, terrorism, reactionary and obscenity", points out the scope and content of this check and cleaning up work. All units and colleges should conduct a comprehensive inventory of all teaching staff, students, computers, mobile hard disks, USB flash drives and other storage media from November 7 to November 23

the staff of the University confirmed the authenticity of the document, but responded that the contents of the document had not been specifically implemented. Guangxi Education Department told the media that it had paid attention to the matter and was tracking the progress of the incident

universities are places for teaching and educating people. It is really necessary to clean up illegal and illegal audio and video involving violence, terrorism, reactionary and obscenity, maintain the order and stability of the campus and create a good atmosphere. Judging the quality of equipment mainly depends on the material and technology of the equipment. The problem is that for these illegal and forbidden audio and video, who should clean them up and how to clean them up must have a little legal awareness and abide by the laws and procedures. You can't trust the reins and do what you want

according to the law, citizens' freedom and privacy of communication are protected by the law. No organization or individual may infringe on citizens' freedom and privacy of communication for any reason, except that the public security organ or the procuratorial organ shall inspect the communication in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the law for the needs of national security or the investigation of criminal offences. Moreover, protecting privacy and respecting the right to privacy are important symbols of modern civilization. China's civil law, administrative law and criminal law clearly protect citizens' right to privacy. The peace of private life and privacy of private information are protected according to law, and will not be illegally invaded, known, collected, utilized and made public by others

there are not only their communication secrets, but also their personal privacy in the storage media of all teaching staff and students, computers, mobile hard disks, u disks and so on. If this red headed document is executed, it will be suspected of violating citizens' personal privacy and communication secrets. In addition, faculty and students have freedom of communication. The so-called freedom of communication refers to the following: 1. The use of communication tools to introduce the functional features and instructions of the electronic tensile testing machine; 2. The freedom of communication discourse; 3. The freedom of communication time. It is difficult to avoid the interference to personal life of the cleanup activities that set goals, time and scope

in order to balance the protection of public interests and the protection of citizens' rights from infringement, the Constitution and the law define the subject, procedure, scope, object and other conditions of inspection and search, and exclude any other organizations and individuals from intervening for any reason. The school has no privilege over the law, which can infringe the surfaces, keys and keyways that require close fitting; The right to privacy, privacy and freedom of communication of others on the contact surface with low relative movement speed

it is true that with the development of network technology, storage media such as, computers, mobile hard disks and u disks are indeed the hardest hit areas for illegal audio and video. However, how to effectively clean them up should be in accordance with the law. In addition, it is necessary to get out of the rut of computers and work intensively in ideological education, internal standardization, daily management, early warning and prevention, so as to truly control illegal audio and video and purify campus culture

of course, it is not the school's business to control illegal audio and video. For functional departments, it is necessary to seriously enforce the law at the source, strengthen the supervision of information communication channels such as networks, and promptly investigate and deal with illegal people and things. With regard to the problems such as the proliferation of illegal audio and video in schools, relevant departments should join hands with colleges and universities to deal with them. On the premise of maximizing the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of teaching staff and students, the largest electronic universal experimental machine in China, such as ordinary steel, has an experimental force of 1000KN, class 1, and crack down on illegal activities according to law. As for the impact of checking teachers' and students' computers with red headed documents, whether it should be implemented or not, the relevant parties should reflect on it and make a more correct choice

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