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The unique cultural connotation of Chinese style decoration has been favored by many people. Now let's take a look at the Chinese classical three bedroom and two hall decoration effect drawing of the owner of Yijing Jiangnan with Xiaobian

style analysis: the interior design of Chinese classical style absorbs the characteristics of "form" and "spirit" of traditional decoration in the aspects of interior layout, line shape, tone and the shape of furniture and furnishings. For example, it absorbs the composition and decoration of caisson, ceiling, hanging and sparrow in the interior of Chinese traditional wooden frame buildings, and the modeling and style characteristics of Ming and Qing furniture. The decorative technique of traditional interior design is the embodiment of Chinese implicit temperament. The Chinese ancients' research and pursuit of living environment are far more elaborate than we imagined. Some of their interior design concepts coincide with today's most popular minimalism

decoration files:

decoration community: Yijing Jiangnan (more Yijing Jiangnan decoration renderings) decoration company: face-to-face decoration house type: three bedrooms and two halls decoration method: half package decoration style: Chinese classical contract amount: 70000

the marble floor brings out the momentum of the mansion, and at the same time, it also paves out the large parts of the public space. The Chinese style wallpaper on the TV wall is wrapped around the color frame of Xiangju, and the furniture is collected gently and harmoniously, Noble but not angry

there is no need to think. The deep century old oak makes people relaxed like entering the forest. The white line boards that can be seen everywhere exude the designer's delicacy for space with complex work

binary design is the designer's unique planning for space, from the study to the master bedroom, and then connected to the daughter's room, like the feelings of a family, close but free and independent

in terms of practical functions, the two-sided cabinet becomes a business machine and an open bookshelf at the end of the study, and when you step into the master bedroom, it becomes a light storage compartment. With half of the clear glass, the line of sight enters the study. The design of the book cellar behind the door makes people have a desire to read. Sitting on the mountain view and touching the seamless artificial marble desktop, the original texture of reading can be so specific

decoration list of the owner's home:

bathroom: shower room: Jiumu bathroom price 2999 yuan; Toilet Jiumu sanitary ware: 899 yuan/set; Bathroom rack, hook: Jiumu bathroom, 358 yuan in total

tiles: Marco Polo tiles, 7.8 yuan/piece, mosaic, 4980 yuan in total for the whole room

Wallpaper: Ruibao wallpaper 198 yuan/roll

[introduction to Yijing Jiangnan community] the project is located in Miaoshan Development Zone, Jiangxia District, Wuchang, adjacent to Tangxun Lake in the west, sunshine Avenue in the East, and villa "IKEA Tomson" in the south. The shape of the land is a "one" shape from northwest to Southeast, which is relatively overall. The overall terrain is high in the southeast and low in the northwest, and the maximum height difference is about 10m. Among them, the height difference of linyangguang Avenue is about 2m. The current land is farmland, sloping fields and fish ponds, with fresh air and pleasant scenery

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