Yadile Door Co., Ltd. made a brilliant debut in Gu

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Yadile will once again bring a number of heavy new products to shine and shine at the gold booth 14.3-21 in Zone C of 2019 China Construction Expo (Guangzhou)

we shuttle through lively cities,

bring our original intention to all parts of the world,

find all excellent materials and trend inspiration,

just to bring you a more beautiful experience of home

this midsummer, follow us to a fashion appointment,

not only live up to our original intention, but also live up to our good expectations for home

On July 8-11, 2019, China Construction Expo (Guangzhou), known as the "champion enterprise first show platform", will be held in the exhibition hall of Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair. In recent years, yadile has won double praise from the industry and market by participating in door exhibitions in Beijing, Guangzhou and other cities with its strong strength

at that time, yadile will once again bring a number of heavy new products to shine and shine on the gold booth 14.3-21 in Zone C

in this exhibition, the design of yadile exhibition hall is unique, shocking with a new face, interpreting yadile's brand image and quality life attitude. At the same time, it is highly endowed with a young personalized product lineup, strong attack, passionate interpretation of modern home fashion aesthetics, strong eye-catching with strong visual impact, which is bound to bring new visual sensory experience to the majority of merchants

artle understands the needs of consumers. It not only meets the requirements of mainstream consumer groups for product use experience and high-end quality, but also endows product design with artistry and cultural connotation. It can be customized according to home style and personal preferences, highlighting home taste and life attitude





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