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Doors and windows are an indispensable part of our daily home life. Good doors and windows can not only bring us comfort and health, but also improve our life style. Today, Xiaobian will introduce "mingou" brand doors and windows to you

home health is far from formaldehyde. Home dust and noise are often important and invisible health killers. When children and the elderly live at home, the air tightness and sound insulation effect of the doors and windows at home is poor, and the harm will be very serious. Therefore, mingou doors and windows has developed and produced a series of doors and windows with various materials and styles to solve the sound insulation of doors and windows and ensure the comfort, quiet and health of home

high performance sliding door series

adopts 0.22*16mm aluminum magnesium alloy louvers, with a spacing of 12.5mm. The louvers have a variety of colors to choose from. Imported from Japan, DC12V DC static motor has obvious sound insulation effect. The electric shutter is installed in the middle of the double-layer insulating glass, without internal cleaning. It is controlled by the intelligent remote control, which is convenient and fast at will

hanging door series

the door leaf profile is set with a design width of 100mm and a leaf height of 3500mm. It is made of special process glass and high-quality aluminum profile. Manual or intelligent shutter system can be built in, and the blade can be adjusted to any angle to achieve lighting, sound insulation and excellent heat insulation effect. A variety of control systems are available, which can realize wall switch control, wireless control and swarm intelligence control

enjoy life, enjoy every moment. "Mingou" brand doors and windows always put the pursuit of strong, durable, beautiful and flexible products in the first place, so that new and old customers can enjoy a comfortable and quiet home life at the moment of sliding the door leaf

mingou doors and windows, known as the "wind vane" of the door and window industry, is an epoch-making and new trend leading door and window brand that Foshan Nanhai Huadi doors and windows Co., Ltd. has been brewing for many years. The company's R & D, technology, production and sales teams provide powerful guarantee for dealers to occupy the market, and provide tailor-made marketing solutions for dealers to win the market





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