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A wave of "Internet +" swept the north and south of the earth, like a dose of euphoria, and also hit every entrepreneur and investor at home and abroad. Therefore, this period can be the best period and the worst period. This is a period of wisdom and suspicion. This is a period during which motivation can change people's survival. This is a period during which countless wonders can be invented

like many people, we don't want to just count this scene as a gust of wind, because the wind will stop, but the property logic behind the scene will continue to show. We believe that the Internet is being restructured, which is not only the form of trade, resource flows and valuation methods, but also people's search for quality of life. Therefore, this is also a new quality period

with the development of economy and the renewal and use of new skills, people are increasingly seeking high-quality survival. Consumption demand is undergoing in-depth changes. The understanding of quality has also subverted the traditional definition, which requires not only the market to provide cheap and high-quality products, promote the experience of service, but also the latent demand for satisfaction, which is gradually becoming one of the directions of enterprise operation

it can be said that the product supplier has mainly dealt with the most fundamental needs of people for food, clothing, housing and transportation in the past 30 years, so in the future, it is in the product transformation and promotion process that more new costs can be invented, and these new costs can be included in the scope of quality

the central feature of Internet + is the efficiency of information notification, which improves the original consumption form in many aspects, such as channels, products, user services, etc., thus greatly improving people's quality of life

in detail, first of all, the Internet has subverted trade channels, hit traditional trade enterprises, and the rise of e-commerce platforms. Consumers can buy consumables at a more affordable price, and deliver them to their homes through express delivery, saving shopping time

in the past, the "channel is king" in the consumption industry, and wholesalers and terminal shelves are relatively scarce. Manufacturers must give sufficient encouragement to channels in order to make products competitive and ensure that products can reach consumers smoothly. This leads to the profit level of the channel and even surpass that of the manufacturer. During the Internet period, the channels were simply flattened, and manufacturers directly supplied e-commerce, which then sold products to consumers, and the price of products was significantly reduced. At the same time, e-commerce platforms have played the role of traditional channels, and shopping pages have replaced shelves





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