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The knowledge of office feng shui in Feng Shui is very important. If Feng Shui is good, you can get a promotion and a raise, and finally marry Bai Fumei. If Feng Shui is bad, everything will go wrong and you will be in a mess! Today, I sorted out a complete set of Feng Shui taboos for office decoration, hoping to help you in the process of office decoration

the office hall should not be narrow and limited: the office should be large and vast; From the perspective of Jinggong Bagua, the Mingtang position in front of the office belongs to the off position, which is the symbol of career in the Bagua. Therefore, Mingtang, that is, the position in front of the office, can be said to directly refer to the future of this unit. Therefore, if the Mingtang of the office is narrow and blocked, it is bound to symbolize that the future of this unit is limited, there are many obstacles, and the development is difficult. Later, if the inner and outer halls of the office are open and quiet, it means that the company or the unit has a bright future, smooth and successful

there should be no rush brakes in front of the office: there should be no rush brakes in front of the office: road rush brakes, pole brakes, tree brakes, sharp corner brakes, etc. Otherwise, the employees or supervisors in the unit are not only prone to everything going wrong, obstructing the frequent occurrence of diseases, strange things, officials and non officials talking too much, and even frequent personnel changes, lack of centripetal force, and unable to retain employees

office seats should not be empty: Office seats should have backers; Because there are many patrons, masters and dignitaries, they have great support, act steadily, and have sufficient successors; If the seat is empty, it often leads to insufficient strength, weak body, insufficient personnel stability, lack of centripetal force of employees, no noble person, and even seriously affects the foothold space of all companies

the office should not be dark and unclear, lack of lighting: the light intensity of the office is absolutely related to the success or failure of all undertakings. The office should be well lit, bright and pleasant, so that the performance can be booming and good people can take the lead. Rewards and punishments are clear, and employees are responsible and dedicated to their strengths. On the contrary, the gloomy office often brings obstacles and difficulties, as well as the fate of villains in power, dereliction of duty, and low morale of employees

there should be no Qiaosha around the office: there should not be too high buildings near the office, otherwise it will not only bring a sense of oppression, but also damage the career stability of the office, produce good and bad luck, subvert the original advantages of the Feng Shui Bureau, and even make the staff lose their ethical feelings and turn their faces

the office should not be blocked with many obstacles: the access of the office is like the blood of the same person, which should be unobstructed; However, some offices are convenient or careless, and stuff things that shouldn't be put in the office, blocking the whole channel. This often leads to problems for employees, such as poor fortune, blocked financial resources, poor communication, laborious and unproductive behavior, and seriously affects the development of the career

many roof beams affect health: there are many rooms in the office, and the health of people working inside will be greatly affected, especially women, such as migraine or women's disease. Men will like to linger outside on the excuse of work and don't want to return to the company, resulting in low morale of the company. First, paint the roof beam with red paint symbolizing good luck, and then make a ceiling to wrap the whole roof beam, which can be dissolved. (guidaye

many doors are unfavorable, and few doors are without wealth: if there is more than one door in the office, as long as it meets the conditions of "there is a front, there is a back", it is a qualified pattern. If there is only one door in the office, then there must be a large window to assist, so as to gather the wealth of all directions and achieve the purpose of expanding the company's financial resources. On the contrary, if there are too few doors, not only will there be less money received in the office, but also the evil spirit cannot be easily dispersed, which will have a negative impact on the company




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