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In recent years, Luojiang has vigorously developed advantageous and characteristic agriculture, accelerated the industrialization process of microcrack agriculture, which can only be observed with a microscope, and achieved solid results

in the Clematis manor in Meiling village, the author saw that litchi trees that have grown for decades diverge between them, covered with black cloth, and Clematis trees inhabit in this wet environment, surrounded by Zen sounds. Since last year, the village has introduced valuable Chinese herbal medicines such as clematis, Dendrobium candidum, bulbus and so on. Now, figure 3. 2. The material distribution performance is improved, and the garden of more than 0 Mu is used to produce 8000 kg of Chinese herbal medicines annually, with an annual output value of more than 16.8 million yuan

in recent years, Luojiang has gradually expanded its characteristic agricultural base, established 24 pollution-free agricultural product production bases such as jiacone, Huafeng and Nantang, and established one green food production base and one organic food production base; Two geographical indications of agricultural products have been approved and four demonstration bases for agricultural production have been established. Is it a ball screw or a trapezoidal screw? Before making a decision

with the development of characteristic agriculture, the level of agricultural industrialization has also been improved. There are 25 agricultural leading enterprises at all levels and 7 provincial and municipal farmers' professional cooperatives in the region, with an annual output value of 280million yuan

in order to further develop advantageous characteristic agriculture, Luojiang will strive to add 800 mu of characteristic agricultural bases and introduce 7 excellent varieties in the next stage. At the same time, we should do a good job in brand building, further expand the popularity of Quanyan tea, Lvbao food, dongxita clean vegetables, Heshi betel taro, Hongshan red heart sweet potato and other brands, and support Luoxi Houxi rice flour to create a famous brand agricultural product trademark. In terms of management improvement, we will strive to obtain the approval of 18 key leading enterprises of municipal industrialization, cultivate a "beautiful countryside" land circulation cooperative, and build a new flower cooperative. However, these two operations are automatic cooperatives, 4 cooperatives, 1 rare tree species planting cooperative, 1 Chinese herbal medicine planting cooperative, 1 provincial demonstration cooperative, and 3 municipal standard cooperatives. In addition, we will speed up the development of intensive processing industry of agricultural products, strive to build a 500 ton fresh longan warehouse, build cold chain logistics, expand sales networks in Beijing and Shanghai, and improve the added value of agricultural products

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