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China needs more "Dongfanghong"

China needs more "Dongfanghong"

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from October 28 to 30, 2014 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition was held in Wuhan as scheduled. The continuous rainy days not only did not block the enthusiasm of exhibitors and visitors, but also included it in the industry encouraged by the state to develop, attracting more than 1600 enterprises and more than 100000 visitors Visit

the author notes that the internationalization of this exhibition is the highest over the years. The exhibition area of foreign enterprises has increased from more than 10000 square meters last year to more than 20000 square meters. Nearly 60 well-known enterprises from more than 10 countries, such as the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, India and so on, participated in the exhibition

at the exhibition, international first-line giants appeared one after another and frequently "rushed to the camera", and domestic leading enterprises did not show weakness. For the first time, China Yituo has unveiled the full lineup of power shift tractors that have achieved mass sales, making "Dongfanghong" the only brand that China can compete with international giants. Zhuweijiang, deputy general manager of Yituo Co., Ltd., confidently told the author, "the advanced power shift technology applied to Dongfanghong high-end high-power Series tractors will enable more Chinese users to enjoy the comfort and convenience brought by scientific and technological progress."

"China's agricultural machinery manufacturing" urgently needs to be upgraded

"this year's exhibition hall is really large, and it's a little difficult to visit." Mr. Zhang from Shandong said, "after shopping, my biggest feeling is that there are tractors and harvesters everywhere. It seems that a factory can make tractors and harvesters."

the author also feels the same. This year's exhibition hall is divided into indoor and outdoor, indoor hall a and hall B. the author has counted it several times, and the three-month valuation is 1.9 billion. It is not clear how many enterprises have exhibited high-power tractors and large harvesters. More importantly, these enterprises from Henan, Shandong, Hebei, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Hubei, Hunan, Ningxia, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing and many other regions exhibited products with little difference in main technical grades except for the difference in power

this phenomenon shows that China's agricultural machinery industry has made great development in the "golden growth period" in the past 10 years, and the supporting system is becoming more and more mature and perfect. At this exhibition, large and medium horsepower tractors are the mainstream, and small horsepower tractors are rare, which shows that the technical threshold of high horsepower wheeled tractors is very low, and it is almost about to reproduce the scene of "a factory can make small four wheels" 10 years ago

for users, market homogenization competition means a large choice, but it also means that the market is uneven and the purchase risk is high. Now, the agricultural machinery industry has carried out in-depth exchanges on the customized development of materials and the possibility of future cooperation. Users are becoming more mature and rational. Only products that are more reliable, more efficient and cost-effective can be widely welcomed by users

"it seems that I still think a big brand like 'Dongfanghong' is good." A local agricultural machinery user in Wuhan said that many enterprises only do assembly without technology, so it will be troublesome to have problems in the future. He also said: "now cooperatives buy agricultural machinery not only based on price, but also on the effect and efficiency of work. It is the products made by enterprises that master core technology that really reassure us."

at this stage, the development of China's agricultural equipment technology is affected by the new starting point and new requirements of domestic modern agricultural development, as well as the technological progress and development trend of international agricultural equipment, showing a development trend of paying attention to the development of new and efficient large-scale agricultural equipment and facilities. However, the small scale of domestic enterprises, low industrial concentration, weak independent innovation ability, single product function, backward technical level, and the fact that high-end products mainly rely on imports seriously restrict the healthy development of agricultural equipment manufacturing industry

practice has proved that replacing technology with market not only cannot replace technology, but also loses the market. The need for agricultural equipment due to China's wide range of regions, large differences in planting agronomy and a wide variety of crops cannot be solved by importing technology. As Zhao Shanshui, chairman of China Yituo, has already pointed out, "in today's global integration, domestic agricultural machinery will not be able to compete with international giants and maintain its position in the domestic market unless it is upgraded as soon as possible."

the market calls for high-end autonomous agricultural equipment

"there are many products of foreign brands at this year's exhibition. Compared with foreign products, the products of many domestic enterprises have a very obvious gap." An insider from Beijing said in an interview, "multinational giants have basically completed their layout in the domestic market, but at present, most multinational giants have not really shown their strength, which actually gives domestic enterprises an opportunity. If national brands cannot seize the opportunity to quickly master high-end equipment manufacturing technology, China's agricultural machinery market will be occupied by international giants."

at this exhibition, the low-end homogenization competition strategy of domestic brands formed a sharp contrast with the high-end differentiation competition strategy of foreign brands. For tractors exhibited by foreign giants, the "power shift" technology is almost "standard", but domestic enterprises, except for China Yituo, which has exhibited a series of Dongfanghong power shift tractors that have been sold in batches, most other domestic enterprises do not have power shift tractor products with independent technology

as a leading enterprise in the agricultural machinery industry, China Yituo began to build the latest technology platform in China's agricultural machinery industry as early as seven years ago, leading a series of strategic preparations for the transformation and upgrading of China's agricultural machinery industry. In 2007, China Yituo began to cooperate with several international advanced R & D institutions to jointly develop power shift tractors with completely independent intellectual property rights

in 2010, China Yituo invested to build China's most advanced wheeled tractor manufacturing base. In September of the same year, the first Dongfanghong power shift tractor was born. In 2011, China Yituo successfully acquired French MCC company, which specializes in manufacturing power shift transmission system, and sent a technical team to digest, absorb and transform its advanced manufacturing technology, so that Yituo's mastered power ground shift transmission technology can be quickly integrated with European advanced manufacturing technology

in 2013, China Yituo lf series Dongfanghong power shift tractors were successfully trial produced and put on the market in small quantities. At the same time, China Yituo also launched some products that apply power shift transmission technology, so that Dongfanghong power shift products form two series, that is, products with power shift technology applied to all products above 200 horsepower, and products with power shift technology applied to some products above 90 horsepower

the author learned that Dongfanghong powershift/powershuttle transmission system has six patented technologies. The application of electro-hydraulic control technology leads the new technological development direction of China's agricultural machinery industry, and is a major symbol of the maturity of domestic tractor powershift/powershuttle transmission system technology

in 2014, Dongfanghong series power shift tractors were successfully sold in batches and received general praise from users in the market

the increasingly obvious advantages of technology and service have not only won the "hearts" of more and more users for Dongfanghong power shift tractors, but also reduced the price of similar foreign products by more than 30%, effectively improving the competitiveness of China's agricultural machinery products

"power shift" tests manufacturing strength

this year's national agricultural machinery exhibition can be called an international agricultural machinery "show". In order to attract the attention of the audience, enterprises try every means, including hiring foreign models to help, specially inviting beautiful women to receive on the platform, inviting professional owners to interact on the spot, and inviting beautiful women to form a team to cruise... However, they dare to compete with their competitors by products and technology, In particular, enterprises competing with foreign giants are rare. Only China Yituo, a domestic enterprise, exhibited a series of power shift tractors. In this international "show", it has won a sigh of relief for many national brands

power shift tractors, popularly speaking, are tractors that can shift gears without stepping on the clutch. Their characteristics are that the shift operation is realized by pressing the key, and they will not stop when shifting gears, and the operation steps can be memorized. Its advantages are labor-saving operation, fast speed, high operation efficiency, low fuel consumption, good sealing, stable and reliable performance

according to the technicians of Yituo, with more and more packaging garbage, the most fundamental feature of power shift tractors is intelligence and automation. After the application of power shift technology, the "Microcomputer" in the transmission system can automatically adjust the switch and opening size of the solenoid valve according to the operation needs, so as to control the flow direction and flow of hydraulic oil and promote the mechanical mechanism to realize various actions. This not only liberates people from heavy labor, but also produces higher comprehensive benefits than human judgment and operation, intellectualization and automatic computer control

at the exhibition, the technicians of Yituo also introduced to the author the four advantages of Dongfanghong power shift tractor: "more, faster, better and less". That is, earn more money and have high cost performance; Fast speed and high efficiency; Good performance and high reliability; Save cost, fuel, labor and time

it can be seen that the application of power shift technology is not a simple product technology innovation. It requires the manufacturing enterprise to improve its equipment technology level, process level, management level, personnel quality and other aspects, which means that the overall manufacturing level of the enterprise has made revolutionary progress

both Zhao Shanshui, chairman of China Yituo and Wang Erlong, Secretary of the Party committee, said in an interview that accelerating product transformation and upgrading is the only way and only way for China Yituo to get rid of homogenization and disordered competition. China Yituo has sounded the "assembly call" for transformation and upgrading. In the next three years, China Yituo will complete the transformation and upgrading of its leading products, open the gap with its competitors by mastering core technologies, and finally win the market

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