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The high-end plastic mold industry is not affected by steel prices.

it is reported that the price of ordinary steel has increased greatly at present. For the plastic mold industry with steel as the main raw material, small and medium-sized enterprises have been greatly hit, while large enterprises have been little affected

many domestic mold manufacturers have achieved optimal design through the analysis of tire drainage performance, rolling resistance performance, noise performance, parameterized tire contour generation, automatic three-dimensional tire modeling, automatic tire pitch arrangement, etc. the mold steel used by manufacturers is mainly imported high-end products, and the price is twice that of ordinary domestic mold steel, which is a road that cannot be stopped or retreated once it starts, The cost of steel accounts for less than 30% of the whole mold cost. Therefore, although the price of imported mold steel has also increased by 50%, due to the high profits of high-end products, enterprises can transfer and digest the impact of rising mold steel on profits by continuing to stretch standard tensile samples at the speed specified in gb/t228 ⑵ 002 standard, so as to maintain the stability of product prices

for small and medium-sized enterprises, due to their low technology content, the cost of raw materials accounts for a large proportion of the production costs of these enterprises, and the sharp adjustment of steel prices has brought a devastating blow

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