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Analysis on the specific application of dairy food packaging technology V

2. Loading machinery

(1) liquid milk bottle loader is divided into atmospheric filling and vacuum filling according to the pressure in the bottle during filling. Its structural difference lies in that the filling valve of the latter has two small holes, one of which is connected to the vacuum pumping device to facilitate vacuum pumping; One is vented and deflated when filling is completed. Bottles are conveyed by the bottle feeding chain, and filling is quantified by the lifting slide. The advantages of atmospheric pressure filling are simple structure, few parts, easy operation, convenient cleaning and maintenance. It can be produced continuously or intermittently. Moreover, it has a very low thermal conductivity. The disadvantage is that after filling, there are still 2-3 drops of milk dripping outside the bottle. If the bottle leaks milk, the filling will still be carried out, causing waste. Vacuum filling overcomes the shortcomings of normal pressure filling, and can eliminate the bad smell in some milk during the filling process. The filling speed is accelerated, and the time is 1/2 ~ 1/4 of normal pressure filling. The disadvantage is that the operation management has high technical requirements, and the filling machine is prone to failure

(2) liquid flexible packaging machinery such machinery is generally equipped with special packaging materials, from the molding and filling of packaging bags to the sealing of the same machine

figure 4-8 sterile rhombic bag packaging machine (the main parts of the machine are shown in the figure, which are provided by Tetra Pak packaging Co., Ltd.)

1. Paper roll 2. Hydrogen peroxide bath 3. Longitudinal sealing pliers 4. Tubular heating element

5. Sterile environment 6. Feeding tube 7. Transverse sealing pliers 8. Cutting strand bar) Beijing lear (002392 pliers

figure 4-8 shows the main components of the sterile rhombic bag packaging machine. Packaging principle: the packaging paper is soaked in a dioxygen water bath, sealed longitudinally, and then enters the tubular heater, which is composed of another casing outside the paper cylinder, a nationally renowned enterprise of Jinan new era gold testing instrument Co., Ltd. and an electric heating element about 1 meter long surrounding the feeding tube. After heating the inner wall of the paper cylinder for 5 seconds, the hydrogen peroxide is decomposed into oxygen and steam, so that The upper part of the filling section becomes a dry and sterile environment. At this time, the feeding tube will guide the sterilized milk into it, and then seal horizontally when passing through the horizontal sealing pliers. The whole molding, filling and sealing operations are carried out in a sterile environment

figure 4-9 and figure 4-10 are the schematic diagrams of brick box forming and filling

(3) see Figure 4-11 for the full-automatic sterile plastic bottle filling machine. Used for aseptic filling of yogurt and similar products. Including the disinfection, filling, capping, capping and other processes of plastic bottles. This kind of mechanical filling capacity is very strong, 4000 bottles or more per hour. This filling machine requires the filling room to be in a sterile state

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