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High end panels are in short supply: Shenghua's revenue increased slightly by 2% in August

the touch surface drive was driven by Shenghua Technology (2384), a large manufacturer of electromechanical drive plates. In August this year, the combined revenue reached 5.697 billion yuan, a small increase of 1.99% over the previous month, and a decline of 43.24% over the same period last year. The cumulative monthly consolidated revenue of this year reached about 47.371 billion yuan, with an annual decrease of 31.94%. As for the small increase of nearly 2% in revenue in August this year, Shenghua explained that it was mainly because some customers were still limited by the tight supply of high-resolution panels, which affected the sales of touch panels

looking forward to September, Shenghua said that as tablet computer customers (Amazon, etc.) and notebook computer customers began to pull goods for new models, pre-3. Security protection: the shipment of large-size OGS touch panels in the medium term is expected to increase significantly, which will help the revenue rise significantly in September

as for the shortage of tablet computers and smart high-resolution panels (video film panels) used by some customers (especially Chinese brand customers), Shenghua believes that at present, the supply of high-resolution panels may gradually ease after September. This is mainly because more and more panel factories are actively engaged in mass production of high-resolution panels, and now small and medium-sized high-resolution panels, but the actual situation remains to be observed

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