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With the development of computer technology, the connotation of PDM is constantly enriched, and the needs of enterprises are constantly changing. Different software manufacturers expand and enrich PDM based on the urgent task of energy saving and pollution prevention in the process of plastic granulator, which is the basic function of PDM, to form a PDM platform with diversified functions and technologies

enterprises continue to adopt advanced information-based means in industrial production to improve product R & D capabilities and market competitiveness. "Information" has become a technical feature of the times. As an important part of enterprise informatization, product data management (PDM) provides strong support for enterprises to implement new strategic means. In recent years, PDM market has a strong growth momentum, application research is gradually in-depth and extensive, and the connotation is increasingly enriched, showing the following major breakthroughs

1. With the continuous development of computer technology that replaces 2D and fully integrates

, 2D CAD based on drawing function has been unable to meet the needs of modern product design. 3D CAD creates a new space for product design, provides rich tools such as feature/surface modeling, assembly simulation, multi-body dynamics analysis, and supports "top-down" and "bottom-up" design methods, making the design more intelligent and visual. It provides a virtual environment more in line with the actual design process for designers. According to the analysis of relevant foreign survey reports, the application of 3D CAD design can increase the productivity of enterprises by 46%

therefore, PDM manufacturers at home and abroad have changed from providing 2D integrated design environment to providing 3D integrated design environment to realize the seamless integration of PDM and 3D CAD. For example, a unified product information model based on 3D is established to facilitate the exchange and evolution of product information at all stages of the product life cycle and between different application systems; Establish the underlying data communication mechanism between PDM system and 3D CAD system, support the real-time communication between PDM and 3D CAD system, and maintain the consistency of 3D based product data model

2. Support concurrent engineering

PDM, as an important enabling technology to support concurrent engineering, mainly helps enterprises implement concurrent engineering from the following aspects

first, realize the integration of each unit application system, effectively manage the information generated by the application system, and provide a platform for information transmission and exchange between application systems. The PDM integration framework diagram shown in the figure adopts general component technology, takes the enterprise application integration platform as the support, provides an open general integration tool set (such as workflow engine, secondary development platform and knowledge manager, etc.), integrates the information islands of product design, analysis, manufacturing, process planning and quality management, and forms an information flow throughout the overall situation of the enterprise. Cad/capp/cam/cae system extracts the required information (such as organization, product data, process information, etc.) from PDM, and can also store the design results in PDM. ERP uses the information bridge function of PDM to clear the information obstruction with 4C. PDM transmits the EBOM (design logistics list), pbom (manufacturing logistics list), routing (process route) and other information generated by the design to the ERP system; The production plan, materials, maintenance services and other information related to products generated in ERP system can also be managed, utilized and transmitted by PDM

Figure 1 PDM integration framework

secondly, build a collaborative work environment for multi-functional design teams. PDM uses 3D visualization technology, communication mechanism under remote heterogeneous platform environment, data confidentiality technology, data consistency check and conflict resolution technology to realize collaborative product development based on 3D product model for users across regions, departments and platforms in the process of product development, real-time communication on product design issues, eliminate communication obstacles of product design information, and check and evaluate product information, Discuss problems together and find solutions

third, provide the management of parallel design process. Set up a dynamic product development team composed of multidisciplinary personnel in PDM Project Management; Improve and reconstruct the enterprise process, and transform the traditional serial product development process into an integrated and parallel product development process; The PDM integrated and collaborative development environment is used to enable downstream process personnel to participate in the early stage of product development, improve the efficiency of information flow and sharing, and improve the first-time success rate of product design and manufacturing

3. Perfect connection group enterprise solutions

due to the needs of global competition, enterprise reorganization and enterprise alliance have become an inevitable development trend. The formed "generalized enterprise" needs an integrated solution for the life cycle management of the whole process of products, extends the function of PDM software to the height of the information, process and management integration platform of generalized enterprises, and provides a comprehensive solution for group enterprises

in the comprehensive solution for group enterprises, PDM not only emphasizes the integration of internal information, functions and processes, but also pays more attention to the integration between enterprises, and the integration method and content are more flexible. Such as the integration between different PDM and different CAD used by suppliers and integrators in the supply chain. Raytheon, a U.S. Defense aviation enterprise, has adopted the integration technology based on STEP standard to realize the data exchange between different PDM systems in its entire supply chain, and achieved great economic benefits

4. Support mass customization, meet customers' needs, and promote the diversification of customers' needs. In order to meet the needs of customers and occupy the market where the coherence coefficient between the subdivision experimental curve and the theoretical fitting curve reaches more than 99%, enterprises have to produce customized and personalized products and provide corresponding services. Mass customization attempts to organically combine the advantages of mass production and customized production, and meet the requirements of fast listing, low cost and high quality while meeting the personalized needs of customers

PDM under mass customization improves the standardization, generalization and modularization of parts and components through coal enterprises' efforts to reduce costs and increase efficiency, so as to form as many product varieties as possible with as few parts and components as possible, and realize the backward shift of product customization point

PDM under mass customization takes product family as the management core to manage data, realize information integration and process integration of the whole product process from user needs to product delivery, and improve order response ability. In PDM, product family is taken as the organizational unit of the development process. Facing the development of product family, the establishment of product structure, the selection of parts, the determination of characteristics and the selection of suppliers are all based on the perspective of series products, and the product family model is established. In response to customer orders, different configurations of the same product are obtained by selecting the values of various configuration variables and setting specific time and sequence numbers, so as to realize rapid product configuration design

5. Standardization and standardization promote the "face changing" of PDM

with the development of computer technology, the continuous enrichment of PDM connotation, and the continuous change of enterprise needs, different software manufacturers expand and enrich PDM based on its basic functions, forming a PDM platform with diversified functions and technologies. In addition, PDM implementation is also a complex system engineering, which involves not only technology, but also enterprise management business, organization and behavior. Therefore, in order to realize enterprise information integration more effectively and provide guidance and reference basis for PDM software evaluation, selection, implementation and service, all major software manufacturers, societies and organizations in the world actively promote the development of PDM in the direction of standardization and standardization

in July 1997, OMG, Digital Equipment Corporation and other organizations, together with IBM, EDS, matrix one and other organizations, jointly published the first PDM standard - PDM enabler draft

PDM enabler based on CORBA technology, proposed a standard on the system function of PDM, the logical model of PDM and the interoperability between multiple PDM systems. Since then, many PDM software manufacturers have relied on this standard for their PDM systems

under the organization and guidance of the national 82 and 63 Technical Committee for fatigue testing machine operation, Chinese PDM software manufacturers have also actively carried out research and Discussion on PDM technology and its integration standards. Based on rich implementation experience and extensive discussion with users, Kaimu has studied and proposed a set of axiology and methodology for PDM implementation, which is used to guide and standardize software implementation behavior, shorten implementation cycle and reduce implementation cost. Through the practice in many enterprises, it shows that it can make the PDM software system quickly bring benefits and promotion. (end)

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