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High end leading - XCMG lifting machinery will always be No.1

high end leading - XCMG lifting machinery will always be No.1

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"everything in the world is changing, but the only constant is XCMG lifting machinery will always be No.1!", At the customer exchange meeting of XCMG lifting machinery division, a user from Turkey said with deep feeling

"big country heavy equipment, gathered for he" XCMG hoisting machinery customer exchange meeting was full

XCMG vice president of machinery, general manager of hoisting machinery division Lu Chuan made a wonderful speech

the world's first XCMG "g" generation mobile crane new product launch customers listened attentively

in addition to the refreshing product display on the exhibition, on the afternoon of the 25th, "big country heavy equipment gathered for he", Compared with three years ago, according to the follow-up production schedule of the mineral project, Xu held a customer exchange meeting for the hoisting machinery division in Shanghai. The performance and reliability of product segments such as wheeled cranes, crawlers, tower cranes and high-altitude platforms are related to the property and life safety of the country and people. A total of more than 600 users, dealers and overseas users from Singapore, Canada, Qatar and other countries gathered together, Share the charm journey of XCMG's large lifting machinery country

this customer exchange meeting is divided into three chapters: "harmonious construction", "core drive" and "win-win cooperation". Zhang Hanxu, deputy general manager of XCMG lifting machinery division, reviewed and shared the road of hand in hand between users and XCMG lifting machinery, which made all user friends present feel moved; The meeting took the "g" generation mobile crane, the fully powered XCMG tower crane, the construction elevator and the aerial work platform, which were first launched in the world at XCMG's BMW 2014 exhibition, as the starting point, and announced to the on-site users the new XCMG crane products that will be launched in 2015, which attracted great attention of the offline users; At the exchange meeting, the most valuable customer advice Award for wheeled, crawler and tower cranes with the largest total bonus and the largest number of participants over the years was also presented

at the meeting, Luchuan, general manager and Secretary of the Party committee of XCMG hoisting machinery division, vividly reproduced the contribution and value of XCMG hoisting machinery division to users, the industry and the society with groups of data around the three keywords "", "dream" and "hand in hand", expressing the determination and confidence to move forward hand in hand with users and concentrate, and pushing the atmosphere of the whole venue to the climax

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