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The high-end market urgently needs high-quality packaging machinery

the packaging industry has developed rapidly under the stimulation of economic development, and has evolved from ancillary products to real products. At the same time, inspired by the continuous progress of science and technology, the global packaging machinery and equipment have been improving in the direction of automation and intelligence. However, the level of domestic packaging machinery industry is still at a low level, so China's packaging industry urgently needs to follow the world trend and enter the high-end market

China's packaging machinery started relatively late. After more than 20 years of development, China's packaging machinery has become one of the top ten industries in the machinery industry, providing a strong guarantee for the rapid development of China's packaging industry. Some packaging machinery has filled the domestic gap, and has been able to basically meet the needs of the domestic market. Some products are still exported. And China has made great progress since its accession to the WTO. The level of packaging machinery has improved very fast. The gap with the world in the advanced level of 2. Wiring: Please firmly connect 3-phase power supply is gradually narrowing. With the opening-up of China, China's packaging machinery will further open the international market. However, at present, the export volume of China's packaging machinery is less than 5% of the total output value, but the import volume is roughly equivalent to the total output value, far from developed countries

from the perspective of the development of the whole industry and market demand, through cooperation with Siemens, backward technology and obsolete equipment restrict the development of enterprises. Many packaging machine companies are trying to replace products, but many are only improving on the basis of the original equipment. Now the overall technical level of packaging machines of many enterprises is not up to standard, and they cannot produce leading equipment, which cannot meet the market demand, In addition, there is no perfect development plan in the industry, and the government lacks corresponding macro-control, resulting in the relatively backward development of domestic packaging machines

due to the lack of high-end technology, many products of domestic packaging machine enterprises are imported from abroad. This constitutes a unified trade market. Although it has greatly accelerated the development speed of China's packaging industry and narrowed the gap between China's packaging industry and developing countries, over reliance on foreign high-end technology and technical equipment is not conducive to the overall improvement of the technical level of China's packaging industry, It is not conducive to the development of our own intellectual property rights and the cultivation of our own professional designers, so we should strengthen scientific and technological investment, put an end to excessive dependence on foreign high-end technology, and strengthen independent innovation

compared with developed countries, the product and technology gap of China's packaging machinery industry is mainly reflected in the following aspects: from the perspective of product structure, there are only more than 1300 varieties of packaging machinery in China, such as pillow packaging machine, tea packaging machine, particle packaging machine and other models. Their supporting quantities are small, and they lack high-precision and large-scale products, which can not meet the market demand; The product quality gap is manifested in low product performance, poor stability and reliability, unsightly appearance, rough surface treatment, poor quality of many components, short service life and low reliability, which affect the quality of the overall product; From the perspective of enterprise status, the domestic packaging machinery industry lacks leading enterprises, and there are not many enterprises with large production scale and high-grade products; From the perspective of product development, China is still basically at the stage of testing and imitation, with weak self-development ability and lack of pilot bases for scientific research and production. Scientific research funds account for only 1% of sales, compared with 8% - 10% abroad. In general, compared with international advanced products, China's packaging machinery is at a disadvantage in the competition of product development, performance, quality, reliability and service. Therefore, optimizing the industrial chain structure and moving towards refined and deepened development will become the future trend of the industry

the development of the packaging industry in the future is not limited to the R & D and application of packaging materials, but also to the intensive processing. China's packaging industry is still in the downstream of the whole packaging industry chain, with many low-level packaging processes. The sustainable development of the packaging industry in the future also needs to fundamentally adjust the industrial structure. Luo Baihui, chief analyst of Jinmo machinery, pointed out that at present, in China, except for steel belt packers, pneumatic packers and some small full-automatic packers, semi-automatic packers have certain scale and advantages, other packaging machines are almost out of system and scale, especially some complete sets of packaging production lines with carbon fiber or carbon fiber fabric as reinforcement in the market, It is monopolized by several major packaging machinery enterprises (groups) in the world packaging market

at present, China's packaging machinery industry has not been able to digest, absorb and create well when introducing international high-end equipment, and has not been able to strengthen the ability of independent innovation and grasp the market opportunities in the market tracking analysis. Therefore, it has been following foreign enterprises, without competitive advantage and market initiative. Luo Baihui believes that the domestic packaging industry must accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading to meet the rapidly growing market demand and increasingly diversified customer requirements

at present, the domestic market demand for low-end packaging machinery will tend to shrink, and the overall demand for traditional equipment will also decrease. The requirements for products gradually become mainly focused on equipment appearance, structural design, expanding application fields, improving reliability and so on. Therefore, domestic packaging machinery enterprises should shift their focus, further shift to high-end packaging machinery and equipment while stabilizing the medium and low-end market, and promote the overall technical content and technical level of China's high-end packaging machines

ppzhan believes that at a time when the world is moving towards packaging automation and intelligence, China's packaging machinery industry should also strive to become one of them. Therefore, we need to develop automated and intelligent packaging technology and packaging machinery and equipment in combination with specific applications, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading to meet the needs of the higher-end product and equipment market

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