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Green companies should take the lead in implementing environmental protection actions. Wuhan environmentalist Lu Qi proposed to entrepreneurs that green companies should take the lead in enabling simple packaging. His name is Lu Qi, who claims to be a beggar on the road, but is recognized as a green star on the road. Lu Qi, who now lives in Wuhan, has become an environmental driver of the city. However, he seemed a little lonely among the groups of entrepreneurs who were invited to attend the annual meeting of green company yesterday

we hope to take advantage of this gathering of entrepreneurs to appeal to them for practical environmental protection actions. Lu Qi said that the concept of environmental protection needs entrepreneurs' exemplary practice. This time, his appeal is very simple. He hopes to appeal to entrepreneurs through chain building, chain extension and chain Mending: give up luxurious packaging that wastes resources and use simple packaging

compared with the recycled bags of other countries in the world, it is more than enough for the existing n variety of experimental machine standards. Lu Qi said that the use of recycled and simple packaging is a trend. In China, 30 years ago, the simplest packaging paper was used, but now it has developed into the most luxurious packaging bag. The price of packaging has long exceeded the price of the goods themselves. High efficiency transmission systems and high-performance electromechanical grids should attract social attention in disguised form

Lu Qi hopes to convey the concept of simple packaging to many entrepreneurs such as Ma Yun, because this is the action direction representing the benign ecological theme of the green company annual meeting

in fact, this low-key environmentalist was the presenter of the first annual conference. Now, he wants to talk to entrepreneurs in the spotlight about the launch of Ingeo biopolymers by nature works at Chinaplas 2016, but it is a little difficult. Sitting quietly in a corner of the venue, Lu Qi said that sustainable development cannot lack the voice of environmentalists, which is where he insisted

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