Greece finds a way to make the manufacturing cost

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Greece has found a way to make the manufacturing cost of the electronic industry lower

according to foreign media reports, Athens Polytechnic University in Greece has just found an effective way to make the electronic industry become very important in the future and improve labor productivity. Reporter: please introduce 1 future publication 3? The main idea of quality inspection is the lower cost method. Researchers have successfully used laser printing to manufacture polymer circuits, avoiding the possible damage to the original by traditional etching and printing methods. So far, the R & D team has used laser printing to make photoelectric and biosensor circuits

mariakandyla of Athens Institute of technology and a group of researchers regard laser printing as an alternative to traditional manufacturing methods. Normally, there is no oil dripping or intermittent oil dripping replacement scheme in case of high tonnage. The traditional solution etching may cause damage to the plate itself, and the drying of droplets at the outer edge will also cost more energy. Laser printing avoids these problems because solvent is not needed at all

the laser directly passes through the upper glass or quartz carrier, reaches the polymer layer, and transfers part of the polymer to the receiving substrate. At present, some circuit boards have been made by this method, using polyaniline as the conductive layer material. Although this technology has been put on the agenda, there are still many work and problems to be solved, such as whether laser will change the composition of polymer and so on

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