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Great evolution of skills from ancient packaging to modern packaging

the content of packaging is too rich. People can package, enterprises can package, art can package, and everything can be packaged. It's just that if people want to package something, enterprises want to package it brilliantly, and arts want to package it to make it immortal, they must have excellent skills

ancient packaging "plain face up to the sky"

the packaging art of commodities has a long history. Ancient China attached great importance to this art and made high achievements. But at the beginning, the choice between formation and content was biased and went to extremes, and the result was very unexpected. Thus, there is the story of "buying a coin and returning a pearl". For thousands of years, this noisy packaging art has always been regarded as a joke by us, and has not been paid close attention by businesses. However, the concept of "people rely on clothes, Buddha rely on gold" has not attracted enough attention from merchants, and even our domestic products have been mostly traded in the attitude of "clear water Hibiscus" and "plain face up to the sky" for a long period of history, and its economic losses are difficult to value theory

stars change. If we browse the ancient packaging samples roughly from different historical periods, and then make a comparison with modern packaging skills, it will better show our sense of achievement of "taking blue from green"

it is a little difficult to compare the product packaging under the natural economic structure with the current commodity packaging. Although there were many objects wrapped in yellow silk and tightly wrapped in red silk at that time, brocade boxes with "ten layers of leather cabinet and ten layers of twists and scarves" were mostly found in the palace prime minister's mansion. Zhu Zhai's rich and powerful families used to collect treasures and antiques, which were either shelved or hidden in secret treasures, which could not represent the actual meaningful commodity packaging for the purpose of exchange. The production relationship under the natural economic structure determines that the products of private ownership try to avoid the socialized collective labor that brings added value to the products, and no one disdains to do the business of "Babu helps rice shop make money". Therefore, at that time, the products were basically listed shirtless, straw, hemp bark, lotus leaves, vegetable leaves... All natural objects that can use the wrapped items are original packaging samples, and the products are completely separated from the packaging without any added value; The function of packaging is only reflected in the convenience of carrying packaged goods. It is difficult to see the technical characteristics of using the function of packaging to achieve the purpose of promotion

commodities make the development of packaging

entering the period of commodity economy, the packaging skills of commodities have made great progress. Packaging materials have also evolved from natural objects in the past to wooden boxes, iron boxes, cartons, cartons and other ancillary products specially used for packaging goods. Although the general packaging of non-staple food impurities is still based on waste books and newspapers, the skills have been paid attention to. Most of the goods sold in grocery stores are wrapped in corners and corners, which is very beautiful; Many daily necessities packed in iron cans, wooden boxes and brocade boxes are also very clever. And obviously noticed the function of packaging to beautify goods, so there are often red silk and green satin belts floating on wooden boxes and cartons. The use of patterns and colors should be the main artistic feature of beautifying commodities at that time. Although the use of color is not particular and harmonious, it is generally the lively and festive color loved by our nation, but what is eye-catching is that the patterns are not all hand painted. Chang'e's flying to the moon on the mid autumn moon cake package is almost to the theme. Although the packaging skills at that time were vulgar and crude, and many functions of packaging were obviously not excavated enough, we preliminarily understood the role of commodity packaging in protecting commodities, beautifying commodities, publicizing commodities and promoting commodity sales, and broadened the thinking and pointed out the direction for the later development of packaging art

however, this clear direction of art development was ignored by merchants in the planned economy period. At that time, except for some minor changes in materials (the use of plastic film and coarse cloth greatly reduced the cost of packaging), the packaging completely stopped in terms of functions and skills, and even divorced from the trajectory of packaging art. Of course, when all commodities need planned supply and the contradiction between supply and demand is still deepening, daily necessities are extremely scarce, and the commodities we are looking forward to are extremely limited and difficult to meet the needs. 1 Temperature measurement range: 300 ° ~ +1200 °, we are not interested in whether the packaging of goods is exquisite. Just as the materials for disaster relief do not need the manufacturer to worry about whether the packaging is beautiful. Therefore, the packaging function at that time was very clear: loading goods and convenient transportation. As for a wine glass printed on the carton, attach a sentence: "glass is fragile, handle with care" or two dry skeletons with a skeleton, and note: "highly toxic drugs, be careful to touch" on one side, etc., to warn the goods in the package of what kind of substances they belong to. Even this simple prompt is enough to prove that the function of packaging is extraordinary. With this prompt, we will not mix the materials printed with "COFCO" on the gunny bag with two items with a skeleton. At that time, packaging completely abandoned all promotional functions, and the nature of packaging exposed the most primitive and essential state

modern packaging "cannot be compared with others"

next, let's look at the current packaging art. Maybe we will have a deeper understanding of "cannot be compared with others"

walking around the market, we come across a beautiful world, dazzling and dizzying. It is difficult for us to see the specific content of commodities from this colorful, diverse and different style of commodity packaging. We have to understand the functions of the required commodities through the patterns and words on the packaging. This is the advertising skill of modern packaging. It wants to make the packaging show its functions in a wider range. The exquisite packaging with exquisite technology and design not only gives people aesthetic interest, but also fully prompts the different functions of the product through the pattern color and advertising text of the packaging, so as to implement effective functional brand positioning. Some manufacturers of department stores, non-staple foods, drugs, and health products are deeply rooted in the essence of this packaging art. They have spent a lot of time thinking about making full use of the functions of packaging advertising and brand positioning. Many products have achieved excellent results in influencing product development through the unique functions of packaging. Although some product brands have long been famous in Kyushu, there are still a lot of cries for their products in various forms. This shows how serious the limitations of the times exist in "good wine is not afraid of deep alleys"

some types of wine bottles are also exquisite, the packaging is also very exquisite, and the pattern is close to the theme. Coupled with an ancient poem, or an ancient legend, the long-standing wine culture classifies plastic products as a comprehensive catalogue, adding a bit of mellow flavor, which really creates a bit of "Dukang makes wine, Liu Ling is drunk". After all, this kind of packaging art is limited to the receiving group, so the sales will inevitably be unsatisfactory, and it is difficult to receive the best benefits pursued by the packaging art. Therefore, the price is equal, and the art of packaging, which is both inside and outside, is quietly rising

buy a drink at the same price as usual, and get a beautiful and exquisite tea cup as a gift at the same time; Or buy a commodity you need casually and get an extra exquisite and practical brocade box. You must like it. Packaging is no longer a natural thing that can be separated from commodities in the past, nor is it a special accessory with high added value for loading commodities; Today's packaging is a product produced by a promising industry, which can work with any product group. 2) the first half of this view is theoretically untenable to become a commodity, realize its own value through trading, and promote the development of content in the broad Commodity world with its own changes. Based on this good focus, the ancient packaging art, which has lasted for thousands of years, finally burst out a dazzling light - buying beads, buying beads with beads. Along this brilliant art Avenue, the commodity packaging we designed is naturally extremely tempting; Naturally, it is exciting and unforgettable, and there are such commodities in the market: commodities and packaging set off each other, packaging and commodities complement each other, function and practical combination, practical and edible collocation, technology and function accompany, appreciation and value... For a time, this kind of exquisite and clever commodity packaging can be seen in almost all families, and they can be used for decoration, appreciation or other purposes. We can see from this how big the function of packaging is. As for the packaged goods that share the benefits of the autumn, serve each other and seek common development, they are even more secretive. It is absolutely difficult for consumers to distinguish the functional parts of the goods they pursue. What else can we say about the art of packaging at this level

every manufacturer should undoubtedly consider designing exquisite packaging suitable for the content and making full use of the packaging function to promote the development of products. However, what kind of content has what kind of form. The packaging of goods, such as people's dress, should be made according to the different image and temperament of each person. Ladies of large families are suitable for jewelry. Jasper of small families only needs a little makeup. If it needs to be eye-catching, it may as well be thick ink and heavy color. It is elegant and suitable for light painting and light wiping. These are what manufacturers should pay attention to when designing packaging, and try to achieve the artistic height of contemporary painting

exquisite packaging can bring us pleasant aesthetic taste, and the commodity packaging of cultural carrier can make us enjoy both spiritual and material enjoyment. Just how to make good use of the function of packaging to achieve the purpose of promotion is worth considering by businesses. Because customers' purchase of goods is always the core part of the pursuit of goods. A good horse with a good saddle is the icing on the cake. A puppet with gold teeth is the icing on the cake. It seems that a pearl and diamond ring should be equipped with a brocade box, and a button thimble does not need to be "attacked by a towel needle". Putting the cart before the horse is inevitable to cause people to misunderstand

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