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Great progress has been made in the adjustment of China's giant transformer industrial structure

the completion and operation of China XD Group (Changzhou) ultra (ultra) high voltage, especially the uneven distribution giant transformer project, "It means that great progress has been made in the adjustment of the industrial structure of giant transformers in China. So far, the transportation problems of giant transformers of the three enterprises at the top of the pyramid of the transformer industry, namely, Shenyang substation, Baotou substation and West substation, have been completely solved, which is of decisive significance for the industry to participate in international competition." On December 21, caiweici, executive vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation, said at the ceremony of the completion and commissioning of the XD evergreen super (ultra) high voltage giant transformer project

Founded in 1958, Xidian Changbian was once a key backbone enterprise designated by the Ministry of machinery industry to produce large transformers. In 1995, Changbian and Toshiba Corporation of Japan jointly established Toshiba Changzhou transformer factory. First, the joint venture company suffered losses for eight consecutive years, and then Changbian itself fell into the situation of being completely acquired by foreign parties. The constant change of mergers and acquisitions attracted the attention of many enterprises at home and abroad. After experiencing twists and turns in the restructuring, XD and Jiangsu Huapeng Transformer Co., Ltd. jointly acquired all the equity of Changzhou transformer factory in 2006

after being integrated into XD Group, relying on its strong technical, financial and market support, XD has entered a new period of rapid development by adjusting and transforming while producing. Based on the output value of 810 million yuan in 2006, the company achieved 1.18 billion yuan in 2007 and 1.8 billion yuan in 2008, maintaining a growth rate of about 50% for three consecutive years

XD Group has carried out the technical transformation of "giant transformer for ultra (ultra) high voltage nuclear power station", including the construction of giant factory buildings, new upgraded equipment, new scientific research buildings, etc. According to the introduction, the giant plant covers an area of 29311 square meters, and is the largest transformer manufacturing plant in China. When it is put into production in 2010, Xidian normal transformer will achieve an output value of 6billion yuan and an annual output of 80million KVA, becoming the production base and sea port base of Xidian group's giant transformers for ultra (ultra) high voltage, AC/DC and nuclear power in the south

"from the construction of the giant transformer project in August 2007 to the completion of this November, XD Group has invested 350million yuan." In long fiber composite materials, zhangyalin, general manager of China XD Group, said, "next year, Changbian will complete an output value of 3billion yuan, including nearly 1billion yuan of UHV products."

the completion and operation of XD Changzhou (ultra high voltage) giant transformer project is "a new starting point for China's national industry to enter the world's giant transformer field". Lu Yansun, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of machinery industry, said in his congratulatory letter that XD Group had built a UHV giant transformer manufacturing base in Changzhou, "Being able to make full use of and give full play to its most advanced technology and abundant resources to manufacture first-class products has fundamentally solved the bottleneck of development, achieved lianjiang Tonghai, crossed the eastern nuclear power market, entered the Western hydropower base, and went abroad. The participating countries can carry out the grand strategy of purchasing the industrial chain and docking international competition in the future, which adds vitality to the enterprise itself and conforms to the development direction of China's power industry."

"affected by the global financial crisis, China's economy is undergoing the test of winter, but the power transmission and transformation industry is unique." Cai Weici said that from January to November this year, the total output value of the machinery industry increased by 25.11% year-on-year, and fell to 10% in November, but some products in the power transmission and transformation industry still maintained a strong growth momentum. Transformer output increased by nearly 30% from January to November, and increased by 3% in a single month in November 38%, and the growth rate of power cables in November also reached more than 20%

in this regard, Li Ye, director of the Department of energy conservation and scientific and technological equipment of the national energy administration, also said that the country is studying the revitalization plan of ten industries, and it is necessary to stimulate domestic demand through the implementation of active fiscal policy and relatively loose monetary policy. The yield strength rel of many materials is increasingly unclear. Among them, the energy sector is the main force driving domestic demand. "From the end of this year to the first half of next year, a number of major energy projects will start one after another. The momentum of energy construction will continue unabated in the next two to three years, especially the construction of some large nuclear power plants will be carried out in an all-round way along the coast and the river. The birth of this project coincides with the time."

"I hope this project can show more strength in China's high-level voltage level, and make full use of this brand-new platform by giving full play to the technological accumulation of XD, so as to contribute to China's transformer manufacturing industry climbing to the world's highest peak." Cai Weici emphasized

During the celebration, Zhang Yalin and Li Ye unveiled the factory of the first 500 kV ultra-high voltage large capacity transformer of Xidian substation. On the same day, Changzhou Municipal People's government and XD Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement

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