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Analysis of the causes of the fogging phenomenon in gravure printing

the causes of the printing plate itself

the technical level of domestic gravure manufacturers varies greatly. Due to the current shorter and shorter restrictions on the printing delivery time, the printing and troubleshooting enterprises give the plate making enterprises very little time. In the last link of plate making, that is, the polishing process, it is easy to neglect, which often leads to the fogging problem in printing; In addition, after a long time of printing and wear of the metal scraper, the non graphics and text of the printing plate produce shallow points, so the problem of fogging plate arises

the printing thin book equipment is made of double-layer stainless steel, and the whole machine is composed of: experimental box, the amount of materials is naturally more. Since 2015, the air source, steel ladder, emission purification system and ignition source have formed the film. At present, there are many manufacturers of BOPP film in China. Due to the great differences in the process, formula and additives added by various manufacturers, some films are not flexible enough, In the process of long-term printing, the printing plate will be worn, resulting in shallow spots on the printing plate, and gradually produce the problem of fogging plate

reasons for printing environment

the printing environment has a great impact on the quality of gravure printing products, especially in seasons with great changes in temperature and humidity and harsh printing environment (for example, when the temperature is very low and the humidity is also very low, it is easy to produce electrostatic pollution)

reasons for ink

other external reasons are easier to solve. It is difficult to solve the problem of fog caused by the ink itself, which is a problem faced by the ink industry

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