Cause analysis and troubleshooting of glue injecti

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Cause analysis and troubleshooting of plastic injection molding machine glue injection part


1, LSI is not pressed (automatic state)

2. There is no signal when the high-voltage timer is turned off (automatic state)

3. The output timer has no signal

4. The injection solenoid valve has no action

5. The throttle valve is adjusted to no flow or stuck

6, no pressure

7. One pressure solenoid valve failure or one pressure regulating valve failure

8. Nozzle plug is easy to operate

1. Adjust the bumper block (the cement drying time is generally 10-15 days) and wait for the cement to be completely dried before placing or repairing

2. Check LSI and turn off high-voltage timer

3. Check the timer

4. Check the solenoid valve and relay

5. Readjust or disassemble

6. Increase one pressure V5

7. Repair the pressure regulating valve or solenoid valve

8. Clean the nozzle to ensure that all indicators are better than the design requirements

glue injection speed


1. The adjustment of jet throttle valve V13 is incorrect

2. The valve core of the injection solenoid valve is not in place, and the flow is too small

3. Insufficient ejection pressure

4. The oil seal of the piston of the injection cylinder is damaged, and the internal cylinder string causes internal leakage

5. The nozzle is blocked or the mold is not aligned

1. Increase the flow

2. Disassemble and repair the solenoid valve

3 enable the buyer's users to operate the instrument independently, master the installation, opening and closing steps of the instrument, as well as the normal protection and maintenance of the instrument, the operation and control of the system, the use of software, and the increase of one pressure (V5)

4. Disassemble and repair the shooting cylinder and replace the oil seal

5. Cleaning and correction

the primary pressure

is not enough

1. The primary pressure regulating valve V5 is faulty or improperly adjusted

2. One pressure solenoid valve is not connected or valve core is stuck

3. One pressure solenoid valve internal leakage

1. Repair or adjust correctly

2. Correct the fault

3. Replace the solenoid valve

no secondary


1, Ls4 is not pressed by the bumper to send no signal

2. The secondary pressure solenoid valve is not powered on or stuck due to fault

3. The secondary pressure regulating valve V6 is out of adjustment

1. Adjust the position of the bumper to make Ls4 work

2. Check the relay or disassemble and repair the solenoid valve

3. Adjust V6 or repair it

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