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The status quo of variable data printing

although the real variable data color imaging technology appeared in 1993, its wide use only began in recent years. Whenever I look back on the past, I will feel the great changes in the variable data market in a short time. In May2002, a paper entitled variable data printing: where will we go in 2002 In the report, the printing outlook company predicted that at least 98% of the digital printing companies in the world were not ready for complex variable data printing. At the same time, vincenaselli commented: "although the suction of variable data printing makes the oil in the oil tank enter the working cylinder more and more attractive, the recent research of printing outlook company shows that only 11% of commercial printing plants regard this ability as a sales advantage. The only good news is that this proportion has been much higher than the 4% in 2000."

if you can walk around the exhibition hall of graph Expo, you can obviously feel the changes of the market from many aspects. Printing service providers regard variable data printing as a general solution containing marketing information and database. People are aware of the opportunities in the marketing market. Every marketing company wants to deliver more targeted information to improve its return on investment. The innovation and upgrading of digital printing system has greatly improved the color printing level of marketing application materials. But more importantly, the progress of variable data printing software can also bring a more flexible, lower price and easier to use solution to the majority of users. At this year's graph Expo, the focus of attention is not whether variable data printing can gain opportunities in the market, but how to win in the market competition. As the graph Expo shows, people can customize products and services for customers in various ways to meet their needs no matter how big their needs are

three distinct areas

from the perspective of the exhibition, people can make profits in the variable data printing market through different ways. Software suppliers have expanded and upgraded their products to meet the requirements of "online direct printing"; One to one variable data printing companies integrate integrated marketing campaign management software and solutions to expand their opportunities in the cross marketing market

online direct printing

most e-commerce online direct printing software take into account the needs of both enterprises and consumers. The "business to business" market is the first area targeted by printing companies, and the consumer market is also the target of many enterprises, such as Vistaprint

one of the most attractive aspects of the web direct printing program is that it is a template driven solution that allows customers to design and purchase printed live parts with their own computers. However, people should still focus on large enterprises with professional distributors, agents and general distributors. Remote users can also combine variable information with a standard template to produce more satisfactory products for local target customers

independent software solution suppliers and equipment manufacturers also exhibited direct printing products designed to increase the output of digital printers. The audience also saw a lot of integration between direct printing, variable data tools and mail solutions. The following are some highlights of the exhibition:

o bjectiflune/atlas, the regional sub center for testing, evaluation, testing and certification of new construction materials, released print shop web at the exhibition. Prints hop web is a network direct printing solution, which can provide a way for document service providers to communicate with customers through a network interface. In addition, it can transfer the function of print shop mail to the multi-channel communication process by supporting the development of variable data stations. This solution is very suitable for printing service providers who want to provide variable data services to customers

efi integrated its digital store front into the production workflow (EFI balance, micro press and fiery controller) and enterprise management tools of the printing plant for demonstration. In addition to simplifying the workflow, digital store front also enables printing houses to add value to their products and services through cataloguing, variable data printing, e-commerce and other tools

Xerox exhibited free flow web service5.0 driven by press sense. This web template can be connected to the free flow process manager, so that the printer can output directly. In addition, Xerox also connects the workflow with the Avanti system structure for accounting and settlement

saepio has simplified the use of templates worldwide to help multinational companies protect their brands. Saepio's printing assembly equipment/tools can now provide users with complete Unicode font support functions, so that printed documents can be assembled in different languages and produced in different file formats (such as PDF, tiff, GIF, JPG, etc.)

users can access the agilis printing template of saepio through a web browser. This dynamic browser interface, called agilis compiler, allows users to easily and quickly select images or text, and to see samples in time when customizing files

one to one variable data printing meets the needs of comprehensive activity management

graph Expo is full of various variable data printing solutions. From the performance of solution suppliers, a more obvious development trend is to expand variable data printing to the field of multi-channel marketing. At present, there are many new software tools in the market to help users manage comprehensive activities. Xmpie, responsive solutions, page flex and mind fireinc all have tools that can help print service providers develop comprehensive marketing campaigns. They can combine the interactive functions of direct mail and Internet, so as to turn more direct mail recipients into valuable potential customers through long-term contact and communication with customers. These software solutions enable automated design, management, personalized URL tracking, and VIP landing pages

responsible solutions demonstrated variable data+ to a large audience, which is part of the customer+ suite. This solution is a fully networked application that you and your customers can access from anywhere. Variable data+ uses the most advanced technology in the industry to help print service providers improve business relationships

pageflex exhibited pageflex5.0. Pageflex5.0 has a cross media module. Customers approved to use this module can use a database or web form to produce customized and personalized cross media products, such as printed matter, HTML e-mail, personalized URL, every page in the site and web sites. Pageflex5.0 can generate every file required for digital information transmission, and can process and send HTML e-mail and dynamic web pages

mind fire Inc released its own Web Services API (application program interface) at this exhibition. The entire API development plan needs to use a variety of functions, allowing data flow to flow automatically in look who`s clicking, and allowing sales personnel to use automated systems, web-based direct printing tools and tracking systems. In addition, mind fireinc also introduced its new look who`s clicking "privatelabel" option to the audience, which enables qualified LWC solution partners to customize the "poweredby" link displayed at the bottom of all pages

at the APH Expo "industry operation characteristics in the first half of 2015 and situation analysis in the second half of 2015" recently released by "GR" Shan yinmu, xmpie focused on the new generation of cross media marketing products just released interactive content ports. With the help of interactive content ports, the data and rules required for personalized printing can be accessed into any interactive network design software through a standard database connection or network server. Interactive content ports enables many web developers to integrate dynamic, data-driven pages into xmpie variable data marketing campaigns

cross marketing - from transaction bills to marketing communications

transpromo also provides a unique way for printing service providers to make profits. It perfectly combines transactional printing with active marketing. TransPromo files are based on an understanding of the customer's geographic location and the consumer market. As we all know, bills and quotations are still the most frequently used communication tools between enterprises and customers. Because consumers are looking forward to these files and know the information they contain, they will open and read them. The combination of bill information and relevant personalized marketing advertising information can attract the attention of consumers and improve the popularity of enterprises. The enterprises that produce such products are document Sciences, IBM, GMC, print soft, etc. they all show their latest technologies and products to printing service providers

print soft showcased an innovative solution that enables printing service providers and service organizations to expand their service range and help them carry out cross promotion and personalized communication

desk direct solution opens the door for printing service providers to capture new business opportunities and realize automation. Desk direct can help users create documents on the desktop, but does not print or mail them locally. Instead, these documents will be sent to a printing service provider or a central production plant for centralized production and classified mailing. In addition, if web extruder products fluctuate in terms of export, direct, printing service providers can provide users with desktop mail management and cross promotion file management services in one platform


document Sciences booth is specially set up for customers to experience high-level personalized customer communication solutions. Its xpression products can help users retain customers and improve the stability, relevance and cost efficiency of their communication with customers. Xpresso tool designed for Adobe InDesign is mainly used to process transactional files. It can integrate customers' transaction information with marketing information. Its interface is very simple to use, which can simplify the creation process of variable marketing activities, and provide users with personalized color direct selling products, accessories and catalogs. Xprs server can produce millions of personalized printing documents according to the template, so as to realize high-efficiency web direct printing

gmc's print net is a comprehensive end-to-end software solution that can design, produce and transmit multi-channel personalized communication materials. Print net can provide a single platform for users to produce all types of personalized documents - such as bills, quotations, direct mail, marketing documents, catalogs and publicity tools. It has many functions, such as data integration and processing, file group edition, coordination and authentication, distribution output management and process automation, which can improve the efficiency of interactive and personalized communication

ibm announces that AFP color alliance has started

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