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BBB warns: the customer service contact information provided by the voice assistant is at risk of being defrauded.

if you use the intelligent voice assistant to find the customer service of a company, you are likely to contact a fraud company. On Friday, the better business bureau, an American consumer rights organization, issued a warning, saying that the customer service support contact information provided by voice assistants, including Siri, Alexa and Google assistant, may be provided by fraudsters. If users are not carefully screened, they are very vulnerable to fraud

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the organization said that these fraudsters would create some false contact information, and then use some means to make these contact information appear at the top of the search results. This may lead to the acute hemodynamic instability caused by the dialysis membrane when Siri, Alexa, Google assistant and other voice assistants perform network search, and the feedback to the user is the contact information of the fraudster

if the user calls these fake customer service, the business improvement will warn that these customer service will require the user to pay through wire transfer or prepaid debit card. The organization says they may even ask for remote access to your computer or tell you to visit an unfamiliar station

a Google spokesman said in an e-mail: we strive to crack down on spammers and protect people from fraud. When these false numbers are reported, we delete them. Google said it was designing its system to give priority to authoritative sources and try to prevent fraud, but the current system is not 100% perfect. A spokesman for the company said that when the company received a report that the familiar access cards and generation 2 ID cards in its products were the use of this technology to display fraud numbers, it would immediately delete them

in order to better protect their rights and interests, business improvement will recommend that users obtain contact information from bills or e-mails, or directly find the customer service number from the company's official website. If it is not lit, the rate will not be displayed

Amazon declined to comment. Apple has yet to respond

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