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Many people can only do home decoration once or twice in their life: dress for marriage, build a new home, and improve the housing decoration again when conditions permit. Because of this, it is doomed that most people have a little knowledge of the home building materials market, and in the process of decoration, it is common for the budget to exceed again and again. So, how can we not only make home decoration achieve the effect of high quality and environmental protection, but also control the budget well? This is very particular, decoration must learn to choose, where the money must be spent, and where the money should be saved, there is no need to pursue the best

◆ for things that are large and difficult to replace in the family, it is best to choose high-quality brands

1. Floor tiles must be purchased from regular brands with excellent quality. In the home building materials market, the price of floor tiles varies greatly, from 20 or 30 yuan per square meter to 100 or 200 yuan. Many citizens believe that buying floor tiles is almost enough. In fact, floor tiles must be purchased from regular brands with excellent quality

according to the introduction, the difference of floor tiles is mainly in the density of clay. When choosing, we must choose the one with high density and purity of clay, which has a direct impact on the service life of floor tiles. For example, low-quality floor tiles mainly have discoloration problems, and oil stains and stains may cause discoloration of the glaze; The floor is warm at home. After several years of use, the heat dissipation of the floor tiles is relatively concentrated, and the color of the edge joints will turn yellow and pale. The reason is that the density of the clay is not enough, which affects the glaze, and the floor tiles with high density can be hollowed out and carved into flowers. So how do citizens observe the density of clay? The dripping test can be carried out. The water on the floor tile is like dew dripping on the lotus leaf, which is in a disturbing shape and has no penetration; The density of clay is not high, and the water is dispersed. You can also use a marker to draw a line on the glaze. Wait a moment to see if there is penetration. Take a paper and wipe it gently. If it can be wiped off, it is a qualified floor tile

generally, after decoration, the furniture will be replaced, but the floor tiles will not be replaced. Besides, they often trample on the floor tiles and need to be taken care of, so they cannot save costs on the floor tiles. Citizens who like wood flooring had better choose high-quality composite flooring, which is not only durable, prevents scratches, but also has strong functionality, while solid wood flooring will be troublesome to take care of and is not suitable for the dry climate in the north. If you really like solid wood flooring, you need to use floor essential oil for maintenance regularly

2. Choose high-quality wallpaper. In addition to the floor tiles, the use area of wallpaper is the largest, so the quality should be guaranteed. Inferior wallpaper will not only change color under the sunlight, but also the content of formaldehyde can not be ignored. Some even have a lingering taste, which will cause damage to the body of the householder

3. Pay attention to hardware in kitchen cabinet. The life of furniture that is often opened, closed and used, such as kitchen cabinets and wardrobes, is often determined by hardware. Generally, the hardware of furniture of major brands is guaranteed. Compared with the kitchen cabinets made of plates, customized kitchen cabinets have better quality and environmental protection

4. The wall tiles are not stressed, so there is no need to buy particularly expensive ones. Bookcases and dining tables are the same. As long as the quality and environmental protection requirements can be guaranteed, the cost can be saved, and there is no need to buy too expensive ones. However, if you want to sit on the sofa every day, you must buy one with qualified quality. In addition, you don't have to buy the best bed, but you need to buy a good mattress, which can also reduce the cost. Bathroom cabinets, including mirrors, need not be particularly good, but toilets must be good. The same is true of sprinkler heads. Because the water quality in our city is prone to rust, sprinkler heads with poor quality are always bad and difficult to clean, while those with good brands are very convenient to clean. Similarly, the washbasin may not be particularly good, but the tap must be good

nowadays, Baokou dental mouth will be sold in combination with wooden doors. Some roman columns have exaggerated prices, which is not necessary at all. The saved costs can be invested in more important categories. The ceiling is not easy to be damaged, as long as it is well cleaned, thick enough, and of a regular brand, but ceiling appliances such as ceiling lamps, replacement fans, etc., must choose high-quality brands, because once the ceiling appliances are damaged, they are not easy to replace

◆ home decoration reminder: decoration can't catch up with urgent work

at present, there are still three months before the new year, and some citizens are busy decorating their new houses and preparing to move in for the new year. Remind everyone that consumers who choose decoration companies must have a look at all home decoration building materials by themselves and make requirements for brand and quality. Secondly, we must make the decoration period as long as possible. Decoration is a rational thing. We must conceive in advance and choose a suitable brand and decoration style. We must not rush. Once you are in a hurry in the decoration process, there are many opportunities for mistakes, such as sticking floor tiles to catch up with the work, and the flowers are not equal. In addition, the decoration of children's rooms should not save money as much as possible, and solid wood furniture is preferred, because so far, solid wood furniture has the lowest formaldehyde content and is relatively the most environmentally friendly




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