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On the occasion of May Day, the national linkage of Shuangding international doors and windows, the great promotion of May Day, and a heavy attack! Thanks for all the products. As long as you dare to come, I dare to give them away

May Day

International Labor Day, also known as "May Day", "international workers&39; day or Mayday", is a national holiday in more than 80 countries in the world. It is scheduled for May 1st every year. It is a festival shared by working people all over the world

there are always some hard-working workers around us

including you and me

silently contributing to their posts

let us use the most simple and sincere way

to praise those workers who work silently

border guards

on the border of the motherland

there are such a group of lovely soldiers

for the peace of the country and the people

they are guarding.Frontier No regrets

365 days a year without holidays

sanitation workers

a clean and beautiful city

it is inevitable that the "yellow jacket" hero's efforts

in the spring breeze, his figure is so indomitable

under the scorching sun, his sweat soaked all his clothes

in the autumn wind, he swept away the Xiaoxiao leaves with perseverance

in the cold wind, He melts the snow with enthusiasm

365 days a year without holidays

medical workers

"you have entrusted your life to us

we must take responsibility"

this is the most firm belief of every medical worker

no matter day or night

angels in white stick to their jobs

save countless patients with countless days and nights

365 days a year without holidays


are employees who write materials in front of the computer about vomiting blood

are also parents who worry about your excessive learning pressure

are workers who sweat like rain on the construction site and eat bran swallowing vegetables

are also parents who care about whether you are full and warm

busy in the company Employees who are tired all day

are also parents who rush home from work to cook for you

365 days a year without holidays

construction workers, teachers, drivers, printing workers

and our practitioners in the building materials industry...

every busy figure deserves gratitude

every work deserves due respect

every dedicated worker deserves admiration

have a dream in his heart, Labor is the most beautiful

on the occasion of labor day

double tripod International doors and windows are linked nationwide, and the May Day holiday is greatly promoted.

Thanksgiving feedback of all products in the audience

as long as you dare to come, I dare to send

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