Rheinland egger Mid Autumn Festival brings health

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When the moon is full, people get together in the Mid Autumn Festival, Rheinland egger delivers health, Rheinland egger promotes the Mid Autumn Festival, and the special hexiangban set meal is released

at the end of the month, people get together in the Mid Autumn Festival, Rheinland egger delivers health

Rheinland egger Mid Autumn Festival Promotion

hexiangban package special broadcast

activity time: September 1 - September 15

activity location: major Rheinland egger stores nationwide

activity exclusive: hexiangban package from 899 yuan

arrive at the store during the activity, There are also exquisite gifts

some products of Rheinland egger are displayed



the sliding door is like water, the open door is like a boat, and the soothing wood grain is like a graceful and elegant Sonata, creating the tranquility of boating on the calm lake under the moon

happy home


minimalist design combines wood grain and plain color door panels to realize unlimited functions in limited space -- bookcases and wardrobes are in good order, and the storage cabinet is hidden under the customized movable bed board, which is like spring, bursting with infinite possibilities in every small detail



the combination of light brown wood grain and white cabinet door integrates the popular color matching trend. The pastoral cabinet door texture and tables and chairs retain the leisurely pastoral style of Western European villages, giving you a golden afternoon

Rhine wood song


conveys the breath from the forest with strong wood grain texture. The transparent glass door opens up a transparent and clear space, like a clear and bright lake. The romantic, warm, natural and elegant atmosphere uniquely interprets the vitality of the Rhine style

■ field measurement by professionals, tailored by senior designers

■ reasonable planning, expansion of space, beauty and practicality coexist

■ all materials used have been tested and meet the national standard

■ using Hexiang board with formaldehyde 0 release, Committed to building zero formaldehyde bedroom

Rheinland egger's true character

true love service

true service

always pursue perfection

we insert on contrast service

real materials

true material

carefully select every inch of materials

we choose excellent material

authentic design

true design

perfect interpretation of humanized design concept

we invest on human design

recognition True manufacturing

true manufacturing

deeply grasp the essence of German manufacturing

we advocate Germany manufacturing spirit

Rheinland egger is worth choosing




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