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Understand the texture and performance of the substrate and choose a suitable bathroom cabinet

I like this kind of small design that is simple and creative but can change life This removable washbasin (of course, if it is placed in the kitchen, it can also be used as a vegetable washbasin), when placed on the base under the faucet, it is no different from our common washbasin

but when you have some special needs, such as getting hot water to soak your feet, or brushing shoes and dishes under the tap... At this time, you can easily remove the basin from the base (plug the attached plug), so that the basin is a basin and the tap is a tap. Do whatever you like

with people's attention to the bathroom, various beautiful and exquisite bathroom cabinets have attracted everyone's attention. Its classified storage makes this space orderly, and more and more colors and styles make it a visual highlight in the bathroom

bathroom furniture is basically based on solid wood, moisture-proof board and density board, and adopts sophisticated surface treatment technology to resist the invasion of temperature, humidity and ultraviolet rays, so as to ensure that the base material will not crack and deform after long-term use in the bathroom

stick wooden skin bathroom cabinet

take solid wood or MDF as the base material. After the solid wood leather board is pasted as a whole, the surface is brushed with waterproof paint. MDF is a kind of man-made board made by crushing wood raw materials into powder and processing

advantages: natural, the price is lower than that of solid wood bathroom cabinets

disadvantages: due to the different wood species of the base material and the solid wood veneer, due to the influence of the bonding process and bonding materials, it is very easy to crack, affecting the waterproof effect

blister bathroom cabinet

PVC is mainly used as the blister panel, which is adsorbed on the density board or moisture-proof board after vacuum hot pressing. The moisture-proof board is the solidified product of wood pulp and moisture-proof particles, which is generally blue or green. After blistering, the board can be absorbed into one, without edge sealing, and has excellent moisture-proof and waterproof performance

advantages: rich colors, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance, easy to clean

disadvantages: low chemical corrosion resistance

high grade oak bathroom cabinet

takes oak as the main base material and adopts waterproof and environmental protection paint spraying treatment. Compared with other man-made boards, the formaldehyde emission of solid wood cabinet is lower, natural and environmental protection, and it is also more durable

advantages: healthy and environmental protection, natural and honest, high-end and elegant

disadvantages: the price is expensive

the base material is the main body of the bathroom cabinet. It is covered by the surface material, which is hidden and cannot see its true face. However, on the premise of using the same type of surface material, the type of base material selected determines the quality and price of the cabinet. Therefore, when consumers buy, they should understand the texture and performance of the base material and choose products suitable for themselves





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