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General consumers often ignore the importance of tripods when buying digital cameras. In fact, photos are often taken with the help of tripods, such as satellite orbit shooting, water shooting, night scene shooting, macro shooting and so on. The function of tripod can not be ignored for both amateur users and professional users. Its main function is to stabilize the camera to achieve a certain photographic effect. There are various brands of tripods, and many netizens recommend using Weifeng tripods

for the maintenance of Weifeng tripod, we usually wait until the tripod is broken before paying attention to the inspection and maintenance, and rarely regularly inspect and guarantee the tripod. In this way, the service life of Weifeng tripod will be greatly shortened in the long run. Moreover, if we don't pay attention to the partially damaged Weifeng tripod and continue to use it, it will be more damaged, so this is a problem worthy of our attention. Today, I am here to bring you the maintenance method of Weifeng tripod. I hope you can correctly master the maintenance method of Weifeng tripod

how about Weifeng tripod

Weifeng tripod top-level manufacturing technology, optimized materials, stable and practical, super large gravity bearing, multi-functional design

Weifeng tripod models

Weifeng tripod models include: c285 carbon fiber tripod, 6620a photography tripod, 6663a aluminum magnesium alloy, 717 aluminum alloy tripod, etc

price of Weifeng tripod

the price of Weifeng tripod varies from high to low, ranging from hundreds to thousands of yuan. It is recommended that you go to the physical store to investigate before buying. The key is to choose a style suitable for your own use

note: this price is for reference only! Due to different regions, of course, the price will also vary. For more relevant price details, please refer to the local dealer

instructions for the use of Weifeng tripod

1. Use the lifting function of the tripod to take out the tripod before use, and then rotate the rocker to the working height (the working height is equal to the height minus 30 cm). Remove the quick mount version of the pan tilt and put it on the quick mount version

2. The screw is locked at the bottom of the camera. Mount the camera and quick mount version on the PTZ, and adjust the working height according to the lens to be photographed. At this time, you can use the rocker to adjust the height

3. When unfolding each foot tube, be sure to pull and open each foot tube to the maximum, and unfold all three foot tubes. Because when operating the camera, if the foot tube is not pulled to the end, there is a connecting plate

repair of Weifeng tripod

I. replacement of quick lock tripod gear of Weifeng tripod

1: twist the lower hexagonal copper nut left and right with pointed nose pliers, because it is difficult to rotate the copper nut and limit screw during long-term use, so it is easier to screw the limit screw

2: use a cross screwdriver to screw the lower limit screw. When screwing it down, try to compress the screw and screw it down hard to prevent the screw from slipping

3: unscrew the hexagonal copper nut with pointed nose pliers

4: remove the locking pressure block and spring

5: remove the quick lock

6: use a cross screwdriver to unscrew the screw of the protective plate of the push button on the quick lock, remove the protective plate, take out the push button that breaks the gear pin, and be sure to move gently when taking out the push button to prevent the spring inside from flying out

7: replace the new push button. In order to ensure the smoothness of the push button, you can apply a little high-temperature oil, Vaseline, or other oil lubricated things

8: the last is a series of assembly process. Of course, remember to adjust the pressure and whether the leg tube is smooth

II. Frequent sliding maintenance of Weifeng tripod

1: judge which locking structure has the problem. You can press the tripod down with force when the tripod is fully opened. If a certain section of the foot tube slides downward, it indicates that the corresponding locking structure of the section needs to be adjusted

2: remove the rubber plug and find the screw of the locking structure

3: unscrew the screws of the locking structure. Some foot stands have been used for a long time, and it may be difficult to unscrew the screws. You can use a screwdriver to knock them properly for a few times before screwing

4: after unscrewing the screw, remove the locking knob, put the locking knob on the hexagonal nut again, select the locking knob to ensure sufficient force to lock the foot rest, and test the pressure to confirm that it is OK

5: remove the locking knob again, find the clamping point of the hand wheel in the figure above, adjust the position of the locking knob, ensure that the clamping point is close to the convex point of the foot rest in the figure below, and then reinstall it

6: replace the screws and cover the rubber plug, and you're done

editor's summary: the most important thing of the tripod is stability. If the tripod is too light or the quality of the connecting part is not up to standard, the whole tripod frame will be unstable, and there will be shaking and loosening. When choosing a tripod, you should not only consider its price, firmness and weight, but also consider how many legs are there? How to adjust? The price of Weifeng tripod varies from high to low. The most important thing is to choose a style suitable for your own use. How to position the tripod still needs to be explored slowly





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