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Now the property price is very expensive. After buying a house, many people don't have much money left. There is no way, so they have to save money when decorating

the current property price is very expensive. After buying a house, many people have little money left. There is no way but to save money during decoration. In order to save money, good steel should be used on the blade, so that more money can be used in key parts. However, many people have made a mistake about what is the key. They don't know that many things can't be saved in the process of decoration, otherwise, it will leave hidden dangers for normal use in the future

brand store: solid wood flooring

misunderstanding 1. If hidden facilities can be saved, it will be saved

case: Xiaoning couple newly married and moved into their new house. The house was bought by their parents in the first phase, and the rest of the decoration will be self conceited by both of them. But they just work and their wages are not high, so they have to save money. The decorator said that if the whole house is equipped with wires and water pipes, it will be at least 2000 yuan more expensive than the poor one. Xiao Ning thought that 2000 yuan was enough to install curtains for the whole house. Anyway, the wires and water pipes were buried in the wall and could not be seen. It was better to save a little

expert comments: the decoration supervision company believes that the wires and water pipes buried in the wall should be of good quality, because once there is a problem, it will be troublesome and expensive to repair; If inferior products are selected, there will be more risks such as fire. While decorations, curtains, lamps and lanterns can be relatively cheap, because it is easy to install them at any time when you have money in the future

Myth 2: electrical components don't need to pursue big brands

case: in shopping malls, many consumers will find that the price difference between sockets and switches is very large: a good socket and switch costs dozens of yuan, and a cheap one costs only a few yuan. Someone roughly calculated that the whole house needs to install at least more than 30 switches and sockets, all of which cost nearly 1000 yuan if used well, and 300 yuan if used badly, so it's better to save

expert comments: electrical components such as sockets and switches are related to the electrical safety of the whole house, so it is best not to save too much. If you want to save money, you can choose some brand-name products with slightly earlier styles, so the price will be much cheaper than the new products of the same brand. If you really want to save money, you can choose to save the socket instead of the switch: buy a good brand for the switch, and choose an ordinary brand for the socket, because the switch is used frequently and has high requirements for quality, and the switch is generally installed in a prominent position, with excellent decorative effect, but the most important thing is good durability





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