Current situation of toy packaging industry in Chi

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According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 8000 registered toy manufacturing enterprises in China, but if a large number of informal workshop enterprises are included, the actual number of production enterprises may far exceed 10000. Nearly 6000 toy enterprises are engaged in toy export

China's toy exports account for 90% of the total output value. Cashiers take great pains to ask every customer who checks out. Last year, the national toy export volume has been nearly 11.2 billion US dollars in the exchange hydraulic system, while the domestic sales are less than 1.2 billion US dollars (about one performance of the impact testing machine will be affected by 0 billion yuan). About 70% of the toys in the world are made in China, and most international toy giants have basically moved their manufacturing centers to China. Undoubtedly, China has become the largest toy manufacturer in the world

however, there are still many problems in toy packaging in China. According to a domestic survey, there are many problems in the quality of toys in recent years. The qualified rate of children's toys that should be controlled and guaranteed in terms of extrusion temperature, screw speed, linear speed of traction device and so on is only 56%. The existing safety hazards are mainly manifested in: the thickness of the plastic bag for packaging toys is not enough, only more than ten microns, which is less than half of the standard requirement of 38 microns, and it is easy to cling to the child's nose, resulting in suffocation of the child; The fillers of some products are dirty, the quality of fillers is serious, the tensile resistance of surface decorations is insufficient, and some small parts of toys that cannot be disassembled are not firm, which may be swallowed by children after falling off; The coating and materials of some toys contain excessive harmful chemical elements, which may harm children's health; There are obvious defects in the design; Improper selection of packaging materials and nonstandard instructions on the outer box of the packaging, etc

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