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A wonderful flower of the smart Industrial Park: customized Testing Guide: customized testing instruments and equipment is a concept widely mentioned in the domestic scientific and technological circles and industrial manufacturing fields in recent years, because this kind of equipment is no longer a simple industrial product produced in batch, it is an automatic detector tailored for the tested object, that is, customized testing, which is also the main topic of this article

characteristics of smart industry

many people may be unfamiliar with the concept of customized detection. Let's start with the smart industry

what is smart industry

it is generally believed that the concept of smart industry was put forward in the last century. It can be traced back to Europe, and its meaning is somewhat similar to that of innovative industry

economist langxianping calls the smart industry (also known as smart industry) the fourth industry, which serves enterprises and other industries. In modern development, smart industries belong to the most high-end high-tech and high creative industries in the pyramid. Its role is comparable to that of a locomotive, which can directly pull the operators to misinterpret the digital national economy forward

at present, under the background that China's industrial structure is in urgent need of adjustment and upgrading, the intelligent industry has changed the previous extensive factory model of large factories with thick smoke and roaring machines, and replaced it with low-energy, high-efficiency, flexible and streamlined, which has become the key to truly stimulating industrial development now and in the future

by looking at the following examples cited by the media, we can understand the characteristics of smart industries, such as low-energy, efficient, flexible and streamlined

apple, a manufacturing enterprise without factories. It makes iPhones, but it doesn't have a factory. It is a science and technology innovation industry and provides many after-sales services, such as the apple store. It is not a traditional manufacturing industry, nor is it a high-end service industry. A $499 iPad includes only $33 in manufacturing costs, and is OEM assembled in China (the cost is only $8)

American Xintian company, a technology company founded in 1989, cooperates with global petrochemical companies to develop oil and natural gas. With some cutting-edge technologies in the petrochemical industry (such as horizontal well, crushing technology and other special processes), this company controls the global 2.5 trillion cubic feet of oil fields and production. At present, it is also a partner of major companies such as Sinopec and CNOOC. In just over 20 years, the market value of the company has exceeded 7billion US dollars

3d printer is a new machine that appeared at the 2011 European Mold Exhibition. With the appearance of this machine, the work of manufacturing parts no longer needs to be hammered, and the products are directly manufactured by capping and coating. At the mold exhibition, 3D manufacturers directly printed the metal hammer head and clean wood handle of the hammer with 3D printers, just like the traditional hammer

customized testing has sprung up.

some experts predict that there will be a large number of the above examples in the manufacturing industry in the future, and the home appliance markets at home and abroad are rapidly expanding to support factories with intelligent software and high-end technology

as a figurative saying goes: oily hammers and dirty work clothes will disappear. What replaces them? It is a highly automated machine tool and oil-free machine that is clean and polished, and there are very few technicians. Technicians, male or female, just need to sit in front of the computer to operate. Intelligent software and virtual reality will gradually replace human operation

in sharp contrast, in the past, factories took the idea of rapid mass production of the same products as the idea, and carried out mass production with standardized assembly lines, while the intelligent industry abandoned the traditional extensive production mode. As the cost of producing a small number of multi batch products (i.e. accepting customized products from consumers) is declining, factories in the future are bound to focus on processing orders for ordered products

the production of customized testing instruments and equipment is a prominent representative in the intelligent industry

customized testing instrument and equipment (hereinafter referred to as customized testing instrument) is a concept widely mentioned in domestic scientific and technological circles and industrial manufacturing fields in recent years, because this kind of equipment is no longer a simple industrial product produced in batch, it is an automatic testing instrument tailored for the tested object, just like a tracking camera, which timely and truthfully reflects the various data of the tested person

the following are some examples that need to be detected:

1. How to detect various signals of remote rockets, such as voltage, current, resistance, vibration, acceleration, instantaneous velocity, explosion pressure, etc? How to install the testing equipment

2. How to solve the problem of high-speed rail wheel sets with many detection parameters, complex measurement process and difficult data processing

3. In the past, solar silicon wafers were usually detected manually. Can we use instruments for automatic detection to reduce costs

the above problems can be solved by installing a custom detector

customized special testing instruments

with the structural upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, the continuous enhancement of quality awareness and the gradual establishment of modern quality concepts, the requirements for product quality control are becoming higher and higher. The quality control concept has changed from improving the qualification rate to requiring zero defects, and the inspection form has changed from sampling inspection to full inspection. The inspection demand has become more personalized with the differentiation of products. It is difficult for standardized testing equipment to meet these complex and differentiated needs. Therefore, customized testing has emerged and played a more and more important role in industrial production

the customized detector is a non-standard test instrument. Compared with the similarity of standardized test equipment, the customized detector is a special customized instrument, tailored to the test object. It has advanced technology, complex structure and high integration, and its core components are generally high-end precision products

because of this, customized detectors are also described as a wonderful flower in the smart Industrial Park

before the customized detector is delivered for use, the manufacturer will investigate the customer's industrial manufacturing equipment, fully explore (1) the customer's needs for appropriate vanadium battery technology utilization scenarios, and provide the most appropriate detection solutions. After the scheme was approved, the tester manufacturer will concentrate on Changxing materials: healthy and orderly competition will benefit the industry for a long time to carry out research and development, and produce the best customized tester and give it to customers for use. In this process, the manufacturer will establish a complete R & D document management system to ensure rapid response to customers' after-sales needs. In addition, based on their confidence in R & D and quality capabilities, the manufacturer will promise customers to unilaterally undertake 100% of R & D risks

manufacturers of customized detectors have strong R & D strength and are the main force in the intelligent industry. According to the survey data of the national development and Reform Commission, 93% of Chinese enterprises do not engage in technological innovation and are highly dependent on foreign technology. Such enterprises without innovation ability have long been excluded from the ranks of intelligent industries. At present, in China, the high-tech enterprises represented by Beijing lingbang Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. are the leading manufacturers of customized detectors

due to the application of the most advanced laser technology, virtual instrument technology, new robots, etc., customized detection has a very high scientific and technological content. Its emergence makes a very cumbersome and complex work reliable and efficient. At present, this technology has been widely used in military enterprises, automobile manufacturing, photovoltaic industry and other fields, and the market prospect is very broad

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